Best games to play on Steam Deck

Expand your horizons with some of the most exciting games to play on Valve’s upcoming portable game platform.

When Valve made the surprise announcement of their upcoming Steam Deck system, we were as excited as anyone about all the possibilities. To that end, here are the games we’re most excited to play when the Steam Deck ships out.

Genshin Impact

While Genshin Impact already has a mobile version, many players complain that its lack of controller support makes many aspects of the game completely inaccessible. For players looking to tackle Genshin’s harder content on the go, the Steam Deck might just be the solution they’ve been looking for.


DOTA 2 is usually associated with full-sized desktop setups and PC bangs, but the Steam Deck’s touchpads might just introduce an entirely new crowd to the game. The ability to play a game or two on a lunch break or between classes is so alluring that Riot Games recently launched an entirely new game just to feed that market. Given the history of MOBA players climbing ladders using all kinds of setups, ranging from touchpads to custom peripherals, it’s almost certain that a dedicated group of Steam Deck owners will carve out a niche for themselves as DOTA 2 players.


We’re most excited to use the Steam Deck to play our backlog of Indie games, including Wildermyth. This game is an epic turn-based strategy role-playing game, kind of like the Fire Emblem or X-Com franchises. Between the turn-based combat and the procedural generation, Wildermyth is perfectly suited to filling time on the go. Expect to see a lot of turn-based strategy games in general, from old school Civilization and Fallout to more recent titles like We Are The Caretakers or Humankind, played on the Steam Deck.


Catch ’em all games and handheld are such a natural complement, so the Steam Deck is sure to be a huge boon to the devs and fans of games like Nexomon or TemTem. For fans of Nintendo-exclusive franchises like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem, the Steam Deck could be a great chance to branch out.

American Truck Sim

While some gamers balk at the truck, farm, and train simulators of the world, the fact is that these are some of the most popular games ever made. Here’s hoping that some of these simulators will run effectively on Steam Deck so that you can finally play Train Simulator on a train.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Visual novels and dating sims are two of the most popular and diverse genres in gaming. Like regular old non-visual novels, they’re well suited to being picked up and put down, and to being enjoyed in trains and planes and waiting rooms. It’s certain that the Steam Deck will be amazing for these as well. Hatoful Boyfriend is a popular, charming example, but you’re free to branch out into the fantastical, romantic, horrific, or even *ahem* erotic.