Everything You Need To Know About ExileCon, And How To Watch It


Grinding Gear Games will be holding the first-ever ExileCon this Saturday, Nov. 16, and Sunday, Nov. 17. The event is taking place in New Zealand at the Aotea Center in Auckland. For those of us who don’t live close and cannot travel to the event, there will be live streams to keep us in the loop.

How To Watch ExileCon

Watch live video from pathofexile on www.twitch.tv

Watching ExileCon is easy, as the event will be streamed live on Twitch. You can watch directly on the embedded player above, or click through to the Twitch website and join in the fun.

Held in Auckland, New Zealand from November 16 to 17, ExileCon 2019 is a celebration of all things Path of Exile. Experience announcements of multiple future expansions, play unreleased content, watch the best Path of Exile racers compete in tournaments, attend talks given by GGG developers and hang out with other Path of Exile fans! New Zealand is a once-in-a-lifetime place to visit, but if you can’t make it, we’ll be streaming the highlights online for everyone to watch for free.

The pre-show begins at 9am NZDT with Kripp, ZiggyD, and Tarke. At 10 am NZDT, the Announcement Keynote with Chris Wilson and Jonathan Rogers will take place, followed by a post-keynote discussion with Kripp, ZiggyD, and Tarke. The three will then be interview Jonathan Rogers at 11:30 am NZDT. For a full schedule of events, and stream times, be sure to check out the official Path of Exile website.

You can expect news about upcoming expansions, and some major changes that will be coming to the game from December onwards. Path of Exile has been chewing up the ARPG scene for six years now and has developed a loyal following as it turned into one of the best ARPG games on the market.

This will be the first-ever ExileCon and will see fans traveling from all over the world to spend time together and celebrate the game.