How to win Flashpoint in the Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection event

Learn how to take on this limited-time mode.

One of the most appealing things about events in Apex Legends is the limited-time modes. While most of the smaller events usually bring back older game modes, every now and then, a new game mode is released.

The newest game on the LTM roster for the Aftermarket collection event is called Flashpoint.

How to play

Flashpoint is a new unique mode that has an always closing ring-like Always Be Closing, and like in that mode, you know from launch where the final ring will be, but that isn’t what makes it so special.

All shield cells, shield batteries, syringes and medkits have been removed, and all over the map, there are glowing globes called Flashpoints. The final ring will also always be a Flashpoint.

When you are inside of a Flashpoint, you automatically regenerate health, and at full health, shields whenever you aren’t taking damage. This health system was inspired by the Halo and Battlefield series’ and may be considered for other Apex content in the future if the event goes well.

It should also be noted that there is no static respawn stations, and everyone starts with a single mobile respawn beacon in their inventory.

Recommended Legends

We recommend these three legends individually too, but all three working as a team is extremely valuable. They will maximize damage in flashpoints and maximize healing outside of them.


Lifeline with D.O.C.
Image via Respawn

Having a Lifeline on your team is the only way you can heal your health outside of a flashpoint, so playing her or having a teammate is a huge advantage. You will most likely be using your drone in every battle you have outside of the flashpoints and even inside too.


Wattson with ultimate
Image via Respawn

Having a Lifeline-Wattson combination would be deadly, as Lifeline can restore health with her tactical, and Wattson can restore shields with her ultimate. Having both of these is extremely helpful for your battles outside of the Flashpoint locations. Her fences will come in handy in holding flashpoints too.


Caustic with gas
Image via Respawn

Placing gas traps all-around a Flashpoint can definitely help your team hold it, especially if you choose to drop in the final ring. Both the traps and Caustic’s ultimate are crucial because in a Flashpoint, not only do they deal damage, that damage prevents enemies from healing.

Honorable mention to Octane, who can self-heal health over time, but can’t do much for the team as a whole in that regard. Loba and Wraith, however, will be useful for specific strategies. Those will be detailed in Tips & Strategies.

Recommend Loot

Who you’re with is important, but so is what you have. This isn’t just about guns, either. Every little choice in this game mode makes a difference.

Evo Shield, Level 2 or 3

In this mode, a level 5 Evo maybe a nerf, as there is one single way to heal your shield without Wattson outside of Flashpoints. Most replicators are inside flashpoints, but for the ones that aren’t, you can place your damaged shield in the replicator for 45 crafting metals. You will gain 100 damage towards your next upgrade, but more importantly, you will heal your shield fully. Of course, this cannot be used on level 5 shields.


Hitting someone with multiple grenades, even a little bit, will continue to prevent them from healing inside of a Flashpoint. The arc star is good for this type of play, but if you really want to do them in with big damage, go for the thermite. The fire can really turn a fight around in this mode, in and out of the Flashpoint.


Getting a headshot on someone with this gun outside of a Flashpoint pretty much guarantees, they’ll need to run to a flashpoint or die. Perfect for an ambush if your team is waiting for them there. Most snipers will do, but that rapid firing of the Longbow will prove beneficial.


With the current meta of the spitfire, it’s more viable to use the weapon at the longer end of the mid-range. Get a good amount of damage dealt fast, especially outside of a Flashpoint, or when guarding a Flashpoint from the edge of it.

Phoenix Kits

While you cannot find Phoenix Kits naturally, you can still craft them for 50 crafting metals if they are in a Replicator. Hang on to these as they will be the only healing items you will have access to in this game mode, but keep in mind they take awhile to use.

Tips & Strategies

Here are a couple of strategies to keep in mind on top the who’s and the what’s. Playing this game mode will almost feel like you are playing a different title altogether with the same guns. You may find yourself planning strategies or playing characters that wouldn’t be viable for you in the main game. Embrace it, and get together your plan of attack.

Planning a Route

It’s good to keep in mind that when you land, you should have a clear trajectory of how to get from that point to the final point in a timely fashion, as there are no syringes to save you if that ring closes over you. It is crucial in the mode that you always stay inside the ring, even early on.

Final Ring’s Final Girl

If you do drop in the final ring as your initial drop, be ready to fight a bunch of enemy squads, and while normally not a recommended legend for this mode, it may be a good idea to have a Loba with you, now that her ultimate starts at halfway and spans over a bigger space. You can try and monopolize the loot in the final ring. All useful for looting death boxes later on.

Step out of your comfort zone

This game mode cannot be played the same way that the main game is played. Do not be afraid to try to legends, weapons, and approaches to taking your enemies down, holding your ground, and optimizing when you want to be inside or outside of the Flashpoints. If you get a team swipe, but you’re outside of a Flashpoint and have no healer on your team, you’re out of luck. A defensive game will go a lot further in Flashpoint than you may think.

Play Stealth

Inside of a Flashpoint, playing a stealth game is the only way you are going to get healed up by a reasonable amount in a battle. Playing a character like Wraith may suit this strategy, especially if you can utilize her portal in a way that can allow your teammates to sneak away too. Mid-range and long-range weapons will also help with this playstyle. Using a shotgun in Flashpoint is a pretty big risk, and we wouldn’t recommend relying on it.

Overall, this game mode has a bigger learning curve than most other limited-time modes and definitely has that minute to learn, a lifetime to master type of vibe. Players who play games like Halo and Battlefield will definitely have an advantage stepping into this mode, but it’s still different enough to stand on its own. We would definitely like to see more limited-time modes with this sort of flare.