How to recharge your body shield without shield cells in Apex Legends

Get your armor back to peak condition without a slew of items in your inventory.

unevolved evo shield

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re doing great, you have a good number of kills, and that’s when you realize, you are out of shield cells and shield batteries. Not even a phoenix kit in your inventory. What good is a body shield if it can’t protect you?

Well, fear not, if you can’t track down any recharging items, there is now another way that works for all legends and most shields.

Fully charge your Evo Shield

With the newly implemented crafting system, you collect crafting materials around the map and from opening supply bins. If you have 45 or more crafting materials, you can purchase an Evo Shield upgrade from the replicator.

The purpose of this upgrade is so that you automatically get 100 damage towards your next level. However, there is a less talked about side effect. When you take your shield, regardless of how depleted it is, out of the replicator, it will be fully charged.

That means as long as your Evo Shield can still level up (Level 1-4, not level 5), you can repair it by using your crafting metals at a replicator, rather than shield cells.

Important to note that this method is for Evo Shields only, and will not work on the legendary body shield, just like it won’t work on the level 5 shield.

Other alternatives

Another way that’s been in the game for a long time is if you or someone on your team is Wattson, her ultimate can recharge up to 75 hp worth of your body shield over time. If you are going to be camping for awhile in a safe location, this is also a great way to repair your shield without recharge items. This is the only viable option for legendary and level 5 shields.

Lastly, if neither of these prior options works, your best bet is to either find a new shield on the ground or in a death box to swap yours out with.

Overall, shield cells and the like are extremely important to gameplay, but if the odds are not in your favor, these workarounds could save you in a pinch.