How to win with Fade in Valorant – tips and strategies

Everyone is afraid of something.

Image via Riot Games

With the release of Episode 4 Act 3 in Valorant comes Fade, an initiator hailing from Turkey that uses the enemy’s greatest fears against them. These fears may include being spotted through walls, getting slowed, and being hunted down by a dark prowler. Fade has the potential to rival other initiators such as Sova, as she allows for more of an aggressive and risky take to gathering information for her team. If you find yourself locking in Fade in your next Valorant game, there are a few things you learn and take note of to help secure yourself the win.

Information first, then aggression

Despite her flashy appearance and somewhat dualing capable abilities, Fade is an initiator before anything else. Due to this, you will want to use your abilities to help your teammates initiate site takes and retakes. For example, try throwing your Haunt ability into a site to spot an enemy. If you do spot an enemy, deploy your Prowler ability on the revealed trailer to make the enemy’s life as stressful as possible.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Once you’ve gathered information and made it easy for your team to initiate, Fade can then be used in more of an aggressive manner. Try tailing your Prowler ability as it chases down a target to make the enemy choose between fighting you or taking down the Prowler. You can also get risky and immediately swing a target after they have been spotted by your Haunt to secure a quick kill.

It’s all about combos

Fade is one of the few agents in Valorant that excels particularly well when combined with aggressive agents like Raze. Using your Seize ability on an enemy agent will tether and slow them, making it hard for them to reposition to safety. Ideally, use this ability in combination with a Raze grenade to make it impossible for enemies to escape death. You can also use this ability in tandem with Molotov agents such as Brimstone and Viper.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Fade’s ultimate is where she can really turn the tide of a match, though. Allowing for possibly the easiest entry for a team, Fade’s ultimate can both reveal enemy positions and weaken them, making the job of taking a site far easier for you and your team. Fade is the ultimate mix between dualist and initiator, and when played with teamwork and confidence in mind, she can do some serious damage on the maps of Valorant.