How to win with Jett in Valorant – tips and strategies

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Image via Riot Games

Representing South Korea, Jett is the most talked-about agent in Valorant due to her unrivaled dueling and entry abilities that see her being played in almost every game at both the casual and pro level. While she obviously has a fantastic kit, Jett is also a blast to play as she is able to pull off plays that no other agent in Valorant can. Jett is easy to learn and hard to master, but a few things can elevate your play which should help you lead your team to a victory.

Get out of jail free card

While Jett has several different abilities available to her, she is notorious for her Tailwind dash ability. Using this ability you can initiate fights, disengage, and get overly aggressive without much risk to yourself. On defense, try pushing a lane to get a quick pick against the enemy and quickly dash out to get yourself to safety. Even if you miss, your Tailwind dash can get you out before the enemy has time to react.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Jett’s Tailwind dash is considered by many to be the strongest ability in Valorant, so be sure to use it to your advantage. Trying to enter a site and make space for your team? Throw a Cloudburst smoke and dash into it to make your whereabouts unknown, then swing out and take out some enemies. Even if you die in the process, doing this will provide enough space for your team to take the site and fight for the round.

Flying knives

Jett’s ultimate can be a game-changer, allowing precise players to turn the tide of battle, even during economy rounds where your team is expected to lose the round. Wielding five highly accurate kunais, Jett can zip around enemy territory taking enemies out one by one. While her Bladestorn ultimate might be strong, one well-placed headshot will put you down, so be mindful of your positioning and stay aware of the enemy’s whereabouts.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While using your Bladestorm, be sure to use all of Jett’s abilities to cover angles and get kills on unsuspecting agents. Finally, the Operator weapon will be your best friend while playing Jett as she almost completely eliminates one of the Operator’s weaknesses. Even if you miss a shot, you can just dash away and re-peek the enemy. Jett can be a walking montage if played right, but can also be countered relatively well. Work on your aim and don’t be afraid to make risky plays and you should find yourself excelling at the kunai wielding radiant.