How to win with Raze in Valorant – tips and strategies


Image via Riot Games

Exploding out of Brazil, Raze is arguably one of the best entry-level fragging agents in Valorant. Not only that, but her abilities allow creative and risky players to pull some flashy plays that can turn the tide of any round. Being a dualist, Raze is expected to make as much space as possible to allow her teammates to enter with her. Using her kit correctly, Raze has a lot of raw fragging power that can be easily wasted if used on a whim. That said, Raze is perhaps the most fun agent to play in Valorant, so here are some tips to help you dominate your next round of Valorant as Raze.

Movement is your best friend

Raze is only rivaled by Jett when it comes to quick movement and space clearing. If your team has decided on hitting a site or committing to a retake, your abilities can do everything from finding the enemy to boosting you into the site. Mastering Raze’s movement with her Blast Pack takes some time, but with some practice you can gain some serious speed and height, throwing enemies completely off.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can also use Raze’s Blast Pack to make aggressive plays on defense and attempt to get a frag or two for your team. Be sure to have some height before you throw your Blast Pack down to carry your momentum forward. Combining this ability with Raze’s Showstopper ultimate can also surprise your enemies and immediately turn the round in your favor.

Clear the area

Along with her movement ability, Raze also comes equipped with two abilities that allow her to make tremendous amounts of space on sites. A common strategy is to deploy your Boom Bot drone and, when it finds an enemy agent, throw your Paint Shells grenade to overwhelm and force them out of their position. Raze should always be the first entry if she is on your team, so don’t be afraid to peek off your Boom Bots contact and make the enemy decide what to deal with first.

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Another important aspect of understanding Raze is understanding that you are probably going to die — a lot. You may think that this is bad, but it is actually your job. Even if you enter a site and make the enemy eliminate you, you are still making space for your team to enter, get your refrag, and secure the site. A risky playstyle and confidence are the key to playing Raze, so get out there and make some space.