Best solo queue agents in Valorant

Believe in yourself.

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Image via Riot Games

Climbing the ranks on your own in any game can be a tough ask, but some folks out there just like playing games alone. Not all gamers are social butterflies, and sometimes you just want to log on, shoot some stuff, and get lost in the game after a hard day.

If you have a lot of faith in your own ability, then climbing the ranks in Valorant should be possible on your own, especially you pick the right Agents.


If you are looking to solo carry, then you might as well go with Reyna. This Agent is all about the coin toss, and you will either perfectly blitz and enemy, heal, take out two more and then use her escape or you will die within five frames. You will have nobody to blame but yourself.


Sage can just shut down routes alone, without issue. Being able to create a wall or use slow orbs to clear areas. You can control who your team engages, and when, and if things go wrong you can even use Resurrection to bring back a dead teammate. If you like the idea of pulling strings on the way to victory, then Sage is for you.


Cypher is all about area control, using cameras, tripwires, and the Cyber Cage to funnel enemies, reveal their intentions, and then leave them at a disadvantage. A skilled Cypher can lock down an important object all on their own, making them an ideal character for solo players.


If you are the kind of player who knows what is best, loves to frag, and thinks the rest of the team are window dressing to your montage creating ways, then Raze might be for you. She stacks damage on top of damage, and doesn’t really do anything to help her team other than stack up the bodies. The good thing about solo Raze is that your teammates will automatically know what your plan is, and you can comfortably set about punching holes in the enemy team.


Just like Raze, Jett is for players who just want to hard carry their team, whether their teammates want it or not. If you are more than confident in your aim, and live for outplay potential in an Agents kit, then Jett is for you.