How will progression and rewards work for Season 2 of Halo: The Master Chief Collection battle pass?

The second season has new items, and a more flexible progression system.

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When Halo: The Master Chief Collection released to the PC, players were able to jump into the franchise’s first chronological story, Halo Reach. Rather than release the games when they traditionally did, Microsoft decided to have to come out based on their place in the story, so Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 followed Reach when it initially launched. When Reach first launched, it introduced Season 1 for the game’s massive battle pass, and now, Halo 3 will have a Season 2 for the game. There will be over 100 new rewards, and unlocking these items works a bit differently. You can expect to see it become available on July 14, alongside Halo 3.

Progression was extremely linear in the Season 1 battle for The Master Chief Collection. Players would unlock cosmetics to place on their customized Spartans and Elite characters by playing the game and receiving new cosmetics every time they leveled up. For Season 2, players will have a bit more choice of what they want to receive among several options they can unlock based on the tier of the battle pass they reach. Previously, it was a linear system where you’d earn enough season points to reach the next level. While the season points are still in Season 2, you can choose what you want first.

For example, the first tier of Season 2 may consist of 10 different items. Each time you level up within that tier, you can pick from those 10. Eventually, you will have to purchase all of the items using the season points you earn before advancing to the second tier. You can’t unlock or receive any of the items from the second tier before finishing the first one. That will be the entire process for each tier available in Season 2. The possible rewards will consist of the traditional armor customization options from the original Halo multiplayer games and new ones, such as vehicle skins.

Previously, in Season 1, you could only receive season points by playing the multiplayer. For Season 2, you will be able to earn these points by completing the campaign, Firefight, and any multiplayer game modes. You will have more ways to unlock your favorite items and join your friends in a wide range of content as you progress through Season 2.