Human: Fall Flat – How to Climb Higher Guide


Human: Fall Flat is an open-world physics based puzzle game where the player takes control of BOB who is just a normal human with no superpowers. With such friendly environment, Bob is free to explore and use the tools in order to progress further in his journey. In this guide, you will learn how to climb even higher and get across the high walls.

How to Climb Higher

The Game features direct control of the character where nothing is scripted and no limits imposed. Grab anything, carry anything, climb anything and interact with the environment. So first thing after you complete the tutorial get to a nearby wall and practice the below Moves and climb it like a Pro.

How to Climb Higher

Slow Method

  1. Grab the Wall with One Hand
  2. Press A and D to Move Left and Right
  3. As your other Hand reaches Higher, Grab It
  4. Continue the Same Process until you reach your Destination

Easy Method

  1. Grab the Wall with One Hand
  2. Look Down then quickly Look Up
  3. Grab the Wall Higher(needs more practice)

Fast and Dangerous Method

Note: We recommend to GO after you practice the above methods

  1. Grab the Wall
  2. Hold the Space to make your character Jump
  3. Press Left and Right
  4. Grab the Higher area