Impossible Mission Achievement/Trophy Guide – The Outer Worlds


The Outer Worlds is not a game only based on confrontations for every challenge. Every mission has another way around it should you want to take the path less shot at. These pathways can include talking your way out of altercations and disguising yourself with the Holographic Shroud. Luckily for achievement and trophy hunters, there is an achievement-focused on making the most out of your disguise and speech abilities.

The Outer Worlds – How to get the Impossible Mission Achievement

The “Impossible Mission” is entirely possible to unlock by “Succeeding at three dialog conversation checks with a single disguise.”

Before you do attempt this, you will need either your Lie, Persuade, or Intimidate skills to be at level 40. While you can unlock this achievement in any encounter where you have a disguise, this guide covers the earliest possible area to unlock it.

After you leave Emerald Vale, you will be on your ship, The Unreliable. In the Captain’s Quarters, you can pick up a Holographic Shroud lying on the desk. This device allows you to wear a disguise in restricted areas. Your next destination is The Groundbreaker to find Gladys the Blackmarket Dealer. Instead, make your way to the Medical Wing, where Ellie is arguing with the receptionist. Go to the room behind the receptionist, and in the very back of the room to the left of the door marked “RESTRICTED ACCESS” is the Market ID Cartridge. Pick it up and head through the door. The Shroud will automatically disguise you.

While in the room, three guards will enter. While you have a disguise, a bar at the bottom is slowly draining and drains faster when you move around. There are also three boxes to show how many conversation checks you have remaining. When the purple bar is empty, one of the guards will stop you and ask what you are doing in a restricted area. You will receive four options to choose from for a reply.

Do not select the bottom option, which is Attack. At first, your lie, intimidate, or persuade skills must be at level 15. Once you have passed a speech check, your bar will fully refill and begin emptying again. Wait for it to empty again where one of the guards will again stop you with the same choices, but this time you’re going to need at least 25 points in either lie, intimidate, or persuade.

After passing the second time, you will need to let your bar crawl down one last time. When the guard talks to you, your lie, intimidate or persuade, must be at least level 40 to pass the final check. If it is, your disguise will renew itself one last time, and you can walk out, avoiding any confrontation.

You can play The Outer Worlds right now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC through the Microsoft Store or the Epic Games Store. It will later be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Good luck out there, colonists.