An Impossible Task Quest Guide – Destiny 2


You receive an Impossible Task quest from Osiris in Destiny 2 after completing the Recovering the Past quest in the Season of Dawn. Osiris needs your assistance in traveling the galaxy to handle some of the current threats happening to the Sundial.

Step 1: Gather Vex Parts. The first step in the quest is to travel to Mercury, Io, and Nessus to take out Vex Transformers. They are these glowing white cubes suspended in several locations on each planet. There are five on each of them. When you arrive on the planet, your map should cultivate with each of the places on your overall map, and several of them are challenging to locate. You don’t have to be too creative, but it might take you a bit of time. We have those locations all mapped out for you.

Step 2: Big Vex Hunting. The next step has you take on Challenging Vex for their cores and standard Vex enemies for their Radiolarian fluids. You can kill them throughout the galaxy. However, you can farm these enemies by quickly encountering them in Artfact’s Edge and exploring The Oerrey lost sector on Nessus. Jump into the area and kill everything inside, and then pop out. Wait until you receive the notification of leaving, and then enter it once more. All of the Vex should spawn back in so you can take them out again. You need 25 Vex Cores and 50 Radiolarian Fluids.

Step 3: Return to Osiris. The next step has you return to Osiris on Mercury at the Sundial to give him everything you’ve collected. You can now travel to the past to attempt to succeed where he failed.

Step 4: Corridors of Time Part 1. Now, you need to go through the Corridors of Time Part 1 mission to go through a section of time where Osiris continually failed. To start this quest, turn to the right of Osiris and walk up to the Sundial, activating it, and starting the mission.

Step 5: Return to Osiris. When you finish it, return to Osiris and speak to him about your experiences. The next step will release at a later date.

We are still updating this guide while we go through it.