Ion Fury – Cheat Codes

Ion Fury is an old school FPS game built in the Build Engine. You play Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, and it is your job to dish out destruction to everything you see on the screen. Because the game is truly old school, there are plenty of cheat codes you can use to change the experience into something that suits you. In this guide, we run through the known cheat codes and what they do.

Ion Fury Cheat Codes

To use cheat codes in Ion Fury go to the Options menu, then Cheats, then Enter Cheat Code and add in the codes below. You can start a new game, or load up a save file, and go to the Cheats menu again and toggle the cheats on or off as you see fit. You will get a message on-screen confirming when a cheat is working. Huge thanks to Steam user staredcraft who started compiling these cheats.

  • IMLOST – Reveals the full map.
  • IMAFK – Gives all weapons, ammo, keys, etc.
  • IMGOD – God Mode, so basic immortality
  • IMFREE – Turns off clipping allowing you to walk through walls.
  • IMREALBUILDER – Show the debug data.
  • IMD4N – Combines IMAFK and IMGOD.

Pressing shift and tilde gives you access to the games console, and allows you to warp between levels. By typing the below command for levels 1 through 5.

  • changelevel 3 1
  • changelevel 3 2
  • changelevel 3 3
  • changelevel 3 4
  • changelevel 3 5

We will update this list as more cheat codes are discovered.