Is Arma Reforger on PS4/PS5?

Know where to play it.


Image via Bohemia Interactive

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Arma Reforger launched for PC on Steam in Early Access and Xbox via Xbox Game Preview. The simultaneous release allowed many Arma fans to enjoy the game when it came out on their preferred platform. However, when it comes to PlayStation consoles, Bohemia Interactive hasn’t clarified exactly what’s going on. This guide explains if Arma Reforger is on PS4/PS5 and when fans might expect to see it on those platforms.

When will Arma Reforger come to PS4/PS5?

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At the time of writing, Arma Reforger is only available on PC through Steam early access and Xbox Series X/S via Xbox Game Preview. You must pay for the game on each platform, but you’ll automatically receive every update that comes to it throughout its development and get the full version when the game finally leaves these preview/early access programs. Bohemia Interactive hasn’t publicly mentioned anything about a version of the game for PS4/PS5, but developers have mentioned it in press briefings.

Before announcing Arma 4’s active development and the release of Arma Reforger, we were invited to a press briefing to discuss them by Bohemia Interactive. After the briefing was over, there was a short period of time for questions from the press that the development team answered as best they could. One of these questions skirted the idea of a PS4/PS5 version of Arma Reforger, to which the team explained that at one point, there was a version of Arma Reforger running on PS4, so they hope that one day the game will release for that platform.

The PS4 and PS5 are tricky platforms for games that are still in development in the way that Arma Reforger is. This early access period can be accommodated through Steam or the Microsoft Store, but Sony doesn’t have the facility for it on the PlayStation Store. This is why most games don’t come to PS4/PS5 until they leave early access.