Is Cube World Free To Play?


Cube World left beta today and is now available on Steam. If you are wondering if the game is free-to-play, the answer is no. Cube World initially launched in an Alpha state over six years ago. It seemed to stall out for quite a well, before entering beta over a week ago. The game has now released on Steam for $19.99.

Will Cube World Go Free To Play In Future?

I sincerely doubt it. The developer has never expressed a desire to turn Cube World into a free to play game. In its current state, the game doesn’t easily support monetization in that fashion. If you feel the price of Cube World is a little too high for you right now, then waiting for a Steam sale if your safest bet.

Game description from Steam:

Cube World is a voxel-based action RPG with a focus on exploration. It takes place in a procedurally-generated fantasy world made up entirely of cubes.

  • Choose between four different classes: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Rogue.
  • Action-based combat with dodging, aiming, combos, special skills, and more.
  • Explore a nearly infinite, procedurally generated fantasy world.
  • Plan your next adventure with the 3D voxel world map. Scroll and zoom everywhere to find your next destination!
  • Craft weapons, armor, potions, elixirs and food and more from ingredients found throughout the world.
  • Tame pets that fight along your side and or use them as mounts.
  • Non-linear, open-world gameplay. Solve quests, help residents, fight huge monsters, explore ancient dungeons! It’s all up to you!
  • Discover procedurally generated lore and learn about ancient civilizations and magic artifacts.
  • Retrieve unique magic artifacts to level up and improve your skills.
  • Earn gold to buy items or to book an eagle flight to new lands.
  • Cube World’s unique per-land progression system makes finding loot, solving quests, and clearing dungeons rewarding and exciting over and over again.
  • Use your hang glider to take to the skies or explore the oceans with your boat.
  • Find magic items to enter secret areas and to support you on your journey.
  • Play solo singleplayer or join your friends in coop-online-multiplayer.