Is Cuisineer Available For The Nintendo Switch?

Cuisineer puts the cute in culinary, and some fans may be wondering if they can take up their spatula on the Nintendo Switch.

Cuisineer For Nintendo Switch

Image via BattleBrew Productions

Cozy games aren’t just about comfortable, low-impact storylines and adventures – we also want to be cuddled up while playing them. Because of this, comfy-title enthusiasts may be wondering what platforms Cuisineer will be available for.

Cuisineer is an adorable restaurant simulation and dungeon-crawling game that mixes fantasy with delectable recipes. I love the game and enjoyed upgrading my restaurant while searching dungeons for eggs, meat, greens, and building materials. Unfortunately, Cuisineer is limited on the platform available at this time.

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Can You Get Cuisineer on The Nintendo Switch

Cuisineer Dungeon PC Platform
Image via Battlebrew Productions

No, Cuisineer is currently only available for PC via Steam. It is possible other releases could be announced in the future, with fans particularly eager for a Nintendo Switch Port.

This cozy title is published by Marvelous/XSEED, the same team known for Story of Seasons and the recent influencer title Fashion Dreamer. Developed by BattleBrew Productions, it is an excellent choice for a cozy adventure – especially for those who enjoy a bit of fantasy in their management sims.

Is Cuisineer Worth Playing on PC

While not having the option to play on the Switch could be a turn-off for many, I found the game more than enjoyable on the PC. Several of the mechanics work best with a mouse, and I could see how porting the game to console controls could be tricky.

The ability to drag and drop decoration items into your restaurant removes the clunky controls many of us are used to with titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I felt it made the experience of setting down tables and sprucing up dining areas quick and intuitive.

While waiting for a Nintendo Switch port might be a thought for some players, it’s worth noting that Cuisineer is only $24.99 USD. This is a competitive price when compared to titles like SoS: A Wonderful Life or Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos. I know I’ll be picking it up for the console if it drops, as it is worth having on multiple platforms.