Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth coming to PC?

Final Fantasy VII Remake just made it to Steam, will Rebirth follow the same path?

Image via Square Enix

The next chapter of the remake saga, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, has finally been revealed, and its official platforms have been listed during the trailer. Is the sequel following the PlayStation exclusivity route, or it will be available on other platforms like PC? Find out below, moogles.

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Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on Steam on day one?

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth debut trailer acts as a slight tease to a stunning open world and the continuation of the fascinating remake storyline, which has a shocking ending. Unfortunately, on the last screen of the trailer, there is only a PlayStation 5 release listed below the game’s title. There are currently no plans for a PC, PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch release for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. However, the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII remaster will be on all platforms at launch, including PC.

Should you lose all hope for a Final Fantasy VII Rebirth release on PC?

In the past, Final Fantasy VII Remake had around 18 months of exclusivity on PlayStation systems and then was ported to the Epic Games Store. Now, more than two years (26 months) later, you can play Final Fantasy VII Remake on Steam. If Square Enix follows a similar contract with Rebirth, we should expect the sequel to follow the same exclusivity pattern. You may have to wait around a year to two years to play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth if you’re sticking with your PC rather than a PS5. Hopefully, the wait will be shorter this time.

On the bright side, you do have a better version of Final Fantasy VII Remake than what PS4 players had at launch in 2020. With Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade on PC, you can play the JRPG up to 120 frames per second or at a 4K resolution. To take advantage of the higher resolution textures and better performance, you can also utilize the photo mode. Most importantly, you’ll have a new chapter to play with Yuffie as the main star of the story after finishing the main campaign.