Is Jensen Ackles in Atomic Heart?

Don’t get your hopes up.

Screenshot via Atomic Heart YouTube Channel

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Jensen Ackles has secured his spot as one of the most beloved actors since his days co-starring in Supernatural. Since then, just about anything that he shows up in will have fans of that series flocking to it to see his latest appearance. In the lead-up to Atomic Heart’s release, Ackles played a starring role in an advertisement for the game. Does this point to him lending his voice anywhere in Atomic Heart?

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Does Jensen Ackles voice anyone in Atomic Heart?

Unfortunately for Jensen Ackles superfans, no, he does not have a role in the full release of Atomic Heart. His inclusion as the main protagonist of the game in the Atomic Way trailer, Major Sergei Nechaev, was just a way to advertise the game and have a little fun at Hogwarts Legacy.

While Ackles does not appear in the game, he definitely could have had a chance to have a successful leading role. He is already well known for being a good actor, and he has voice acting credits in his portfolio, including Bruce Wayne in the Batman: The Long Halloween animated movies. That being said, he hasn’t appeared in any video games outside of Tron: Evolution, and without any Russian descent in his family, it might have been an odd choice to put him in a game filled with Russian characters.

That isn’t to say we don’t think he could do it if given the chance, but Jensen Ackles will need to wait for another high-action game to be properly given a starring role in a game. Atomic Heart kind of came out of nowhere for everyone, so we highly doubt they had the funding to land a big actor like Ackles until they had secured quite a bit of money before release.