Is Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Xbox GamePass, EA Play, or other services?

Can I play the remaster as part of one of my subscription services?

One of the most iconic sci-fi RPG game franchises, Mass Effect, will be making a return with the all new Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The hit series from BioWare will be remastering the trilogy with improved visuals and customization options. But the question for many gamers is, will this be available on any game subscription services like Game Pass or EA Play?

Gaming subscription services make it much easier for gamers to try out different titles. Since Mass Effect originally debuted in 2007, there are plenty of people who have never stepped foot on the Normandy or the Citadel. However, at this point, it does not seem that BioWare or EA will let players jump into this series with just a subscription. If gamers want to check out the remastered version of this classic series, all signs point to purchasing it on the release date of May 14. 

However, this is not the end-all-be-all result, as there are still three months between this announcement and the game’s official launch. It also is worth noting that EA Play currently offers the three original games to its subscribers, so it is possible that since they already have access to the titles, the remastered edition should be included as well. 

If Mass Effect Legendary Edition does end up making its way to EA Play, this will give Xbox gamers access as well, since EA Play is included in the Xbox GamePass. While there is still hope for the game coming to subscription services, we will have to wait patiently for more information from BioWare.