Is Mega Manectric good in Pokémon Go?

Should you add Mega Manectric to your roster?

Image via Niantic

There are several mega evolved Pokémon you can use in Pokémon Go. These Pokémon are not ones you catch in specific raids but are evolved forms of your current Pokémon. For Manectric, once you earn enough mega candy to evolve it, you’ll have a Mega Manectric. These Pokémon do not last forever in their mega evolved form, though. It’s only for a limited time, so you want to use their mega evolution sparingly whenever you want to use them in a five-star raid. With Mega Manectric added to Pokémon Go, is it worth your time to use it in battles, and is it good? We’ll have to breakdown the stats and compare them to the other mega evolved Pokémon.

Mega Manectric is an Electric-type, similar to its regular form. It’s only weak to Ground-type moves, and it’s resistant to Electric, Flying, and Steel-type attacks. You primarily want to use it against Flying and Water-type Pokémon in raids. For PvE stats, it has a maximum CP of 4,048, an attack of 286, a defense of 179, and a stamina of 172. If mega Pokémon are ever allowed to be used in PvP, it will have a maximum CP of 3,580, an attack of 237, a defense of 153, and a stamina of 147.

Overall, Mega Manectric’s stats are decent for any Pokémon. So long as you use it in battles, it can use its Electric-types effectively; it’ll be a worthwhile asset. There are several Flying-type legendary Pokémon you pit Mega Manectric against in battles, such as Lugia, Ho-Oh, Tornadus, Kyogre, and several more. Mega Manectric is a reliable option, and the boosted attack power to all of your friends during the raid is helpful.

When you compare it to the other Electric-type mega Pokémon, Mega Ampharos, you become a bit more tentative about your choice, though. Mega Ampharos is a Dragon and Electric-type Pokémon. It’s capable of doing both types of attacks, and it is significantly stronger than Mega Manectric. For PvE raids, Mega Ampharos has a maximum CP of 4,799, an attack of 294, a defense of 207, and a stamina of 203. If mega Pokémon are ever allowed in PvP, it has a maximum CP of 4,245, an attack of 244, a defense of 172, and a stamina of 175. It’s stronger in all of the correct areas and has a wide variety of move choices.

While Mega Manectric is not a bad choice, if you compare it to Mega Ampharos, it’s not hard to pick between the two. Manectric would require a Community Day special move to give it a decent boost in the charts in its regular form, and in its mega form, it’s not going to ‘wow’ any players. You’re mostly looking for an option for another mega Pokémon, but if you have access to Mega Ampharos, you probably want to pick that one, unless you want to avoid the Dragon-type weakness.

Mega Manectric is good for strictly fighting Flying and Water-type Pokémon, and if you’re avoiding the Dragon-type weakness of Mega Ampharos, that’s great. If not, there are better options.