Is Moss: Book 2 getting a physical release?

Can you grab a copy of this adventure at GameStop or Best Buy?

Image via Polyarc

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Will you be able to grab a copy of Moss: Book 2, the much anticipated PSVR title in GameStop and Best Buy? Read on to find out. During a preview event, the developer Polyarc showed Moss: Book 2 to the media. One question asked during the Q&A: if Moss: Book 2 will be receiving a physical release?

Unfortunately for fans, the answer is no. There was some interest shared in a collection of both games in some shape or form, but the question of such a thing came as a surprise to the developer. Whether or not that could be physical remains to be the case.

Moss has previously been available as a physical title and is currently valued by the used game market on eBay and Amazon at around $60-90. Moss: Book 2 won’t be following that release at the time of this writing.

One thing that Moss: Book 2 will have is a longer playthrough than the first, more characters to meet, and multiple weapons for the mouse protagonist to wield.

For now, Moss: Book 2 will be released digitally for PlayStation systems on March 31. Ports for other VR platforms like Oculus are also planned, but the developer will take a break before attempting the process.