Is Borderlands 3 Cross Platform?

A huge question a lot of fans of video games ask whenever there’s a new title coming out is if they function across platforms. Borderlands 3 is no different. The title relies heavily on players working together to conquer huge foes and fighting off waves of bad guys with an array of weapons and different character types. Being able to play with your friends who own a PlayStation 4 while you’re using an Xbox One is a big deal. Can you do it?

Is Borderlands 3 a Cross Platform Title?

Players were asking this question back when Borderlands 3 first became a thing. While there was a massive controversy about Borderlands 3 being an Epic Games Store exclusive, many still wondered if they could play with friends on different platforms.

However, the unfortunate news is right now, at the game’s launch, there is no cross-play between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and none of them can connect to those playing from a PC. For some, this is extremely disappointing to learn. This news may have made your time spent on the title a little bit less exciting than it was when you first pre-ordered the game. Although Randy Pitchford, the chief executive officer of Gearbox Software, did bring a little hope back in July. Here’s his tweet:

Pitchford threw this out there mid-July, and there has not been too much acknowledgment following this conversation. However, if Pitchford remains truthful to this statement, it means it’s up the to the products and those running the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One to agree with it. Many news pieces have come out about Microsoft wanting to promote cross-play, but Sony sometimes doesn’t want anything to do about it. It took them forever to allow Rocket League cross-play and the same for Fortnite. Borderlands 3 might be another project the community has to push to want to have if they wish to Sony to hear about.

For now, it might come in the future. If it does, we do not have an exact timeline of when we can expect it.

Borderlands 3 is now available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC through the Epic Games Story. You can play Borderlands 3 online with friends, or those on a console can play couch Co-Op with one another friend.