Is the Special Pikachu Pack worth it in Pokémon Cafe Mix

Should you buy the Special Pikachu Pack in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

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As with other free-to-play games, Pokémon Café Mix features microtransactions to help you have the most resources for the game. Every pack has its own specialty, but the Special Pikachu Pack is the only one (as of this writing) that gives you a Pokémon for purchasing it. The pack is priced at $3.99. Let’s look at what you get to decide if it is worth the investment.

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The big draw of this pack is that, in return, you receive a Pikachu to be a leader in your team. This can be purchased right away when you start the game, so you can quickly replace Eevee with Pikachu. This Pikachu specializes in sweets.

In addition to Pikachu, you will also receive 4,900 golden acorns that can be used to expand your business or recruit Pokémon to your team if they have enough stars. You also receive three horizontal and three vertical megaphone makers and three skill plus bonuses.

It is important to mention there is also a way to unlock a different Pikachu for free, but you need to login for five straight days during the grand opening celebration. Also, there are other microtransactions in the game that will allow you to buy various amounts of golden acorns and other items.

We recommend giving the game a try for a little bit before deciding if you are going to buy any of the microtransaction packs. If go through a few puzzles and decide you really like the touch-based gameplay and want a Pikachu for your team, go ahead and purchase the Special Pikachu Pack. It is rather cheap and can provide you with some valuable items for later in the game. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if the pack is worth the $3.99 or not, but we recommend making sure you enjoy the game first. If all you want is a Pikachu, you should probably go through the steps to unlock it during the grand opening celebration.