Is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise?

Can you explore in big hunting parties?

Image via Capcom

Nintendo Switch fans can look forward to an exclusive Monster Hunter adventure with Monster Hunter Rise. It releases on March 26, 2021. You can pre-order your copy today to play it day one. Order your copy to reserve a Palico and Palacade exclusive layered armor set to alter their appearance during your adventure.

It takes place in Kamura Village, known for its Tatara Steel, a traditional Japanese method to crafting armor. A devastating event known as The Rampage took place 50 years ago at the village, and history is about to repeat itself, forcing your character to become the best hunter tackle the various monsters arriving near the village. Will you have to go on this adventure alone, or can you team up with other players to take on these powerful monsters?

Yes, you can bring friends with you on this adventure. Monster Hunter Rise will feature a multiplayer mode so you can work alongside other hunters to take down the more powerful enemies in the game. You can create four-player parties to adventure on quests and track monsters across the map. It’s incredibly likely that the system for Monster Hunter Rise will look very much like the one from Monster Hunter World, but we’re not too sure on the details yet. Hopefully, it won’t mirror the same multiplayer system.

Monster Hunter World had a lot of hiccups during its initial release. For example, players could only engage in multiplayer at specific points, and attempting to connect with friends online was a hassle. Additionally, if you on a particular story mission, you could only invite someone to join you at specific points, and you could never skip a cutscene to make things go faster. There were many problems with the game’s multiplayer, even though fans praised the gameplay experience.

If you want to play multiplayer with friends, make sure you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Not having one doesn’t mean you can’t play the game, but you won’t be able to ask friends to join you without it.