Is Trevenant good and how best to use it in Pokémon Go

Where does Trevenant fit into the Pokémon Go meta?

Image via Niantic

Trevenant is a Pokémon many Pokémon Go players have been eagerly awaiting to arrive to the mobile game. It made its debut during the Halloween Mischief event, with Phantump appearing in the wild. After capturing enough of them to receive enough candy, should you evolve Phantump into Trevenent, and is this Pokémon good? In this guide, we will share how to best use Trevenant in Pokémon Go and what makes it good.

Trevenant is a Grass and Ghost-type Pokémon. It is weak against Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, and Ice-type moves, but it is resistant against Electric, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Normal, and Water-type attacks. It has a maximum CP of 2,559, an attack of 170, a defense of 133, and a stamina of 168. Because its maximum CP barely goes past 2,500, you’re better off using it in the Great and Ultra Leagues. This is not a Pokémon to use in the Master League.

When using it in PvP, Trevenant can battle against many of the better Pokémon in both the Great and Ultra Leagues. For the Great League, it can beat Medicham, Azumarill, Galarian Stunfisk, and even Skarmory. Using it in the Ultra League can counter Swampert, Lapras, Syvelon, and Lugia.

The best moveset to teach Trevenant is the fast move shadow claw and the charged shadow ball and seed bomb. Of the two charged moves, shadow ball is better, but seed bomb is a decent Grass-type attack that can be used to bait an opponent’s shields.

The big thing about Trevenant is that it’s releasing a time when not many of the widely used Pokémon had to expect a Grass and Ghost-type Pokémon with an incredibly quick fast move, with low energy Ghost and Grass-type moves. The Ghost-type attack will be aimed specifically at other Ghost-types and popular Psychic-types that often appear in both leagues. The seed bomb move is an excellent attack for the bulkier Ground, Rock, and Water-types.

Overall, Trevenant is a powerful Pokémon right at its debut. However, its overall placement will be adjusted in time, and it will lower in popularity as other players adjust to it. Regardless, it’s a solid introduction for Pokémon Go players who want a unique Pokémon to use in their next Battle League fight.