Weapon and armor item codes for Skyrim

Summon a variety of different weapons or armor to use in Skyrim

Image via Bethesda

Finding the perfect weapon or armor in Skyrim can take a bit of effort. You may need to loot it off a particular NPC in the world, or you may need to work toward crafting it as a blacksmith by leveling through those skills. These options are a bit tiresome and can take quite a bit of time if you want these results immediately. If you want them pretty fast, you can always use an item code to spawn them.

By knowing the item code of a weapon or armor set, you can spawn them in front of you or into your inventory. This way, while playing Skyrim, you can always have your favorite armor or weapon sets available for you to use at a moment’s notice.

Weapon Codes


Daedric Mace00139B8
Ebony Mace000139B0
Glass Mace000139A8
Lunar Iron MaceLevel 2 to 3: 0003B0BF
Level 4 to 5: 0003B0C0
Level 6+: 0003B0C1
Mace of Molag Bal000233E3
Rusty Mace00022F0F
Dwarven Mace000139998
Elven Mace00013982
Iron Mace00013982
Lunar Steel MaceLevel 4 to 5: 0003B0B6
Level 6 to 7: 0003B0B9
Level 8: 0003B0BC
Orcish Mace00013990
Steel Mace00013988


Daedric Warhammer000139BA
Ebony Warhammer000139B2
Glass Warhammer000139AA
Orcish Warhammer 00013992
Steel Warhammer0001398A
Dragonbone Warhammer00014FD0
Dwarven Warhammer0001399A
Elven Warhammer000139A2
Iron Warhammer00013981
Shagrol’s Warhammer000223FB
The Longhammer000AE085


Ancient Nord battleaxe0001CB64
Dragonbone battleaxe00014FC3
Dwarven battleaxe00013994
Elven battleaxe0001399C
Headsman’s axe000BE25E
Iron battleaxe00013980
Orcish battleaxe0001398C
Steel battleaxe00013984
The Woodsman’s Friend00022265
Daedric battleaxe000139B4
Draonblood battleaxe000F82FA
Ebony battleaxe000139AC
Glass battleaxe000139A4
Honed Ancient Nord battleaxe0005BF12
Skyforge Steel battleaxe0009F25F
Rueful axe0001C4E6
Tsun’s Battleaxe0005BF19
Nord hero battleaxe00068C39

War axes

Ancient Nord War axe0002C672
Daedric War axe000139B3
Dragonbone War axe00014FCF
Ebony War axe000139AB
Falmer War axe000302CD
Ghorbash’s Ancestral War axe0006A8FD
Honed Draugr War axe0005BF15
Illusory War axe000E7A31
Lunar Iron War axeLevel 2 to 3: 0003B0C5
Level 4 to 5: 0003B0C6
Level 6+: 0003B0C7
Nord Hero War axe00068C63
Skyforge Steel War axe0009F260
Woodcutter’s axe0002F2F4
Ceremonial axe0008ABFD
Dawnguard War axe0000D098
Dwarven War axe00013993
Elven War axe0001399B
Forsworn axe000CC829
Glass War axe000139A3
Honed Falmer War axe0006F700
Iron War axe00013790
Lunar Steel War axeLevel 4 to 5: 0003B0B8
Level 6 to 7: 0003B0BB
Level 8+: 0003B0BE
Notched Pickaxe001019D4
Orcish War axe0001398B
Poacher’s axe0001AE086
Steel War axe00013983


Iron dagger0001397E
Skyforge Steel dagger0009F25D
Dragon Priest dagger0001C1FE
Dwarven dagger00013996
Borvir’s dagger000ECD54
Glass dagger000139A6
Blade of Sacrifice00079B1D
Daedric dagger000139B6
Mehrunes’ Razor000240D2
Alessandra’s dagger00043E1E
Steel dagger00013986
Valdr’s Lucky dagger000B994E
Orcish dagger0001398E
Kahvozein’s Fang000D0758
Elven dagger0001399E
Ebony dagger000139AE
Blade of Woe0009CCDC
Dragonbone dagger00014FCB


Amren’s Family sword000647AC
Blades sword0003AEB9
Ceremonial Sword0008ADFC
Daedric Sword000139B9
DragonbaneLevel 1 to 18: 000F1AC1
Level 19 to 26: 000F71CD
Level 27 to 35: 000F71CE
Level 36 to 45: 000F71CF
Level 46+: 000F17D0
Drainheart sword000F71DD
Ebony sword000139B1
Elven sword000139A1
Forsworn sword000CADE9
Hjalti’s sword00068976
Honed Falmer sword0006F6FF
Iron sword00012EB7
Lunar Steel swordLevel 4 to 5: 0003B0B7
Level 6 to 7: 0003B0BA
Level 8+: 0003B0BD
Nord Hero sword00068C7B
Phantom sword000771B9
Red Eagle’s Bane000AB703
Skyforge Steel sword0009F25C
The Pale BladeLevel 1 to 5: 000D37CE
Level 6 to 11: 000F5D2A
Level 12 to 18: 000F5D2B
Level 19 to 26: 000F5D2C
Level 27+: 000F5D2D
Ancient Nord sword0002C66F
Bolar’s Oathblade000C1989
ChillrendLevel 1 to 10: 000F8313
Level 11 to 18: 000F8314
Level 19 to 26: 000F8315
Level 27 to 35: 000F8316
Level 36 to 45: 000F8317
Level 46+: 000F8318
Dragonbane sword00014FCE
Dwarven sword00013999
Falmer sword0002E6D1
Gauldur BlackbladeLevel 1 to 11: 000AB702
Level 12 to 18: 000F5D1A
Level 19 to 26: 000F5D1B
Level 27 to 35: 000F5D1C
Level 36+: 000F5D1D
Glass sword000139A9
Harkon’s sword000067CF
Honed Ancient Nord sword0005BF14
Imperial sword000135B8
Lunar Iron swordLevel 2 to 3: 0003B0C2
Level 4 to 5: 0003B0C3
Level 6+: 0003B0C4
Nightingale BladeLevel 1 to 18: 0007A917
Level 19 to 25: 000F6524
Level 26 to 35: 000F6525
Level 36 to 45: 000F6526
Level 46+: 000F6527
Orcish sword00013991
Queen Freydis’ sword000AB85D
Red Eagle’s Fury0009FD50
Silver sword00010AA19
Steel sword000557F5

Two-handed swords

Ancient Nord greatsword000236A5
Iron greatsword0001359D
Dwarven greatsword00013997
Ebony blade000EA29C
Glass greatsword000139A7
Daedric greatsword000139B7
Orcish greatsword0001398F
Skyforge greatsword0009F25E
Balgruuf’s greatsword000946FC
Dragonbone greatsword00014FCC
Ebony greatsword000139AF
Elven greatsword0001399F
Honed Ancient Nrod greatsword000A3115
Silver greatsword0010C6FC
Steel greatsword00013987
Nord hero greatsword000A3115


Ancient nord bow000302CA
Auriel’s bow00000800
Daedric bow000139B5
Drainspell bow000F82FC
Dwarven bow00013995
Elven bow0001399D
Falmer Supple bow00083167
Forsworn bow000CEE9B
Gauldur blackbow000A5DF0
Hunting bow00010E2DD
Karliah’s bow000DEED8
Nord Hero bow00068C57
Supple Ancient Nord bow0005D179
Angi’s bow000CC392
Bow of the hunt000AE087
Dragonbone bow000176F1
Dravin’s bow0006B9AD
Falmer bow00038340
Firiniel’s bow00017059
Froki’s bow000C0186
Glass bow 000139A5
Imperial bow00013841
Long bow0003B562
Orcish bow0001398D
Nightingale bow000F652C
Spectral bow0E0067EB
Ebony bow000139AD


Iron armor00012E49
Iron boots00013E4B
Iron gauntlets00012E46
Iron helmet00012E4D
Iron shield00012EB6
Banded iron armor00013948
Banded iron shield0001394B
Steel armor00013952
Steel cuffed boots00013951
Steel shin boots00013951
Steel helmet00013954
Steel horned helmet000F6F26
Steel nordic gauntlets00013953
Steel imperial gauntlets000F6F23
Steel shield00013955
Steel plate armor0001395C
Steel plate boots0001395B
Steel plate gauntlets0001395D
Steel plate helmet0001395E
Imperial armor000136D55
Imperial boots000136D6
Imperial bracers000136D4
Imperial helmet00013EDC
Imperial shield000135Ba
Imperial officer’s helmet000136CF
Imperial helmet0009610D
Ancient nord armor00018388
Ancient nord boots00056A9D
Ancient Nord gauntlets00056B17
Ancient Nord helmet 00056A9E
Dwarven armor0001394D
Dwarven boots0001394C
Dwarven gauntlets0001394E
Dwarven helmet0001394F
Dwarven shield00013950
Orcish armor00013957
Orcish boots00013956
Orcish gauntlets00013958
Orcish helmet00013959
Orcish shield00013946
Ebony armor00013961
Ebony boots00013960
Ebony gauntlets00013962
Ebony helmet00013963
Ebony shield00013964
Dragonplate armor00013966
Dragonplate boots00013965
Dragonplate gauntlets00013967
Dragonplate helmet00013969
Dragonplate shield00013968
Daedric armor0001396B
Daedric boots0001396A
Daedric gauntlets0001396C
Daedric helmet0001396D
Daedric shield0001396E
Chintin heavy armor0001CD8A
Chintin heavy boots0001CD82
Chintin heavy gauntlets0001CD8B
Chintin heavy helmet0001CD8C
Bonemold armor0001CD93
Bonemold guard armor00037564
Bonemold pauldron armor00037563
Bonemold boots0001CD92
Bonemold gauntlets0001CD94
Bonemold helmet0001CD95
Bonemold shield00026234
Improved bonemold armor0003AB26
Improved bonemold boots0003AB25
Improved bonemold gauntlets0003AB22
Improved bonemold helmet0003AB23
Improved bonemold shield0003AB24
Nordic carved armor0001CD97
Nordic carved boots0001CD96
Nordic carved gauntlets0001CD98
Nordic carved helmet0001CD99
Nordic shield00025236
Stalhrim armor0001CD9F
Stalhrim boots0001CD9E
Stalhrim gauntlets0001CDA0
Stalhrim Helm0001CDA1
Shellbug helmet00012E8A

These codes should provide an opportunity for you to play Skyrim how you want to with your favorite weapons or armor choices. You can further enhance it with additional mod choices for your gameplay, and if you want to use a particular armor set, we have a handful of choices that could help you along the way.