All weapon and armor item codes for Skyrim, and how to use them

All gear codes you’ll ever need.

Image via Bethesda

If you have played Skyrim more than once, you usually start a new playthrough with a goal or playstyle in mind. For instance, you may have an idea of what you want your character to be like in the long run, with the exact weapons and armor that you want them to use. Getting there can take time, and sometimes you might just want to speed through the gearing process and proceed with the gear you want. Fortunately, you can use item codes to get everything you want fairly easily in Skyrim.

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How to use item codes in Skyrim

If you want to quickly get every item you need for your build, you can simply use the console commands to spawn it all and proceed with your playthrough from there. If you know the codes for weapons and armor, all it takes is to find the correct one and use it with the Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#> command. With that command, the ItemID stands for the code you can find in the lists below, and # represents the number of items that you want. Simply find what you need, plug it, and start your adventure.

All weapon and armor Item IDs for console commands in Skyrim

All Bow Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Ancient Nord Bow000302CA
Angi’s Bow000CC392
Auriel’s Bowxx000800
Bow of the Hunt000AE087
Daedric Bow000139B5
Dragonbone Bowxx0176F1
Drainspell Bow000F82FC
Dravin’s Bow0006B9AD
Dwarven Bow00013995
Ebony Bow000139AD
Elven Bow0001399D
Falmer Bow00038340
Falmer Supple Bow00083167
Firiniel’s End00017059
Forsworn Bow000CEE9B
Froki’s Bow000C0186
Gauldur Blackbow000A5DF0
Glass Bow000139A5
Hunting Bow0010E2DD
Imperial Bow00013841
Karliah’s Bow000DEED8
Long Bow0003B562
Nightingale Bow000F652C
Nord Hero Bow00068C57
Orcish Bow0001398D
Spectral Bow0E0068EB
Supple Ancient Nord Bow0005D179

All Dagger Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Alessandra’s Dagger00043E1E
BIade of Woe964C9
Blade of Sacrifice00079B1D
Blade of Woe9CCDC
Blade of Woe (Skyrim)0009CCDC
Blessed Iron Dagger896F3
Borvir’s Dagger000ECD54
Daedric Dagger000139B6
Dragon Priest Dagger0001C1FE
Dragonbone Daggerxx014FCB
Dwarven Dagger00013996
Ebony Dagger000139AE
Elven Dagger0001399E
Glass Dagger000139A6
Iron Dagger0001397E
Iron Dagger of Binding896EC
Iron Dagger of Cowardice8970C
Iron Dagger of Diminishing896D7
Iron Dagger of Dismay8970B
Iron Dagger of Draining896D6
Iron Dagger of Fatigue896FF
Iron Dagger of Fear8970D
Iron Dagger of Sapping896D5
Iron Dagger of Soul Snares896EB
Iron Dagger of Souls896EA
Iron Dagger of Torpor89701
Iron Dagger of Weariness89700
Kahvozein’s Fang000D0758
Mehrunes’ Razor000240D2
Orcish Dagger0001398E
Reverent Iron Dagger896F5
Sanctified Iron Dagger896F4
Skyforge Steel Dagger0009F25D
Skyforge Steel Dagger9F25D
Steel Dagger00013986
Valdr’s Lucky Dagger000B994E

All One-handed Sword Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Amren’s Family Sword000647AC
Ancient Nord Sword0002C66F
Blades Sword0003AEB9
Bolar’s Oathblade000C1989
Ceremonial Sword0008ADFC
Ceremonial Sword0008ADFC
Chillrend1–10: 000F8313
11–18: 000F8314
19–26: 000F8315
27–35: 000F8316
36–45: 000F8317
46+: 000F8318
Daedric Sword000139B9
Daedric Sword000139B9
Dragonbane1–18: 000F1AC1
19–26: 000F71CD
27–35: 000F71CE
36–45: 000F71CF
46+: 000F71D0
Dragonbone Swordxx014fce
Drainheart sword000F71DD
Dwarven Sword13999
Ebony Sword000139B1
Elven Sword000139A1
Falmer Sword0002E6D1
Forsworn Sword000CADE9
Gauldur Blackblade1–11: 000AB702
12–18: 000F5D1A
19–26: 000F5D1B
27–35: 000F5D1C
36+: 000F5D1D
Glass Sword000139A9
Harkon’s Swordxx0067cf
Hjalti’s Sword68976
Honed Ancient Nord Sword0005BF14
Honed Falmer Sword0006F6FF
Imperial Sword000135B8
Iron Sword00012EB7
Iron Sword of Binding896E1
Iron Sword of Cowardice89715
Iron Sword of Dismay89714
Iron Sword of Fear89716
Iron Sword of Soul Snares896E0
Lunar Iron Sword2–3: 0003B0C2
4–5: 0003B0C3
6+: 0003B0C4
Lunar Steel Sword4–5: 0003B0B7
6–7: 0003B0BA
8+: 0003B0BD
Nightingale Blade1–18: 0007A917
19–26: 000F6524
27–35: 000F6525
36–45: 000F6526
46+: 000F6527
Nord Hero Sword00068C7B
Orcish Sword13991
Phantom Sword000771B9
Queen Freydis’s Sword000AB85D
Red Eagle’s Bane000AB703
Red Eagle’s Fury0009FD50
Silver Sword0010AA19
Skyforge Steel Sword0009F25C
Skyforge Steel Sword0009F25C
Steel Sword000557F5
The Pale Blade1–5: 000D37CE
6–11: 000F5D2A
12–18: 000F5D2B
19–26: 000F5D2C
27+: 000F5D2D

All Two-handed Sword Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Ancient Nord Greatsword000236A5
Balgruuf’s Greatsword000946FC
Blessed Iron Greatsword896F6
Blessed Steel GreatswordA699F
Daedric Greatsword000139B7
Dragonbone Greatswordxx014FCC
Dwarven Greatsword00013997
Ebony Blade000EA29C
Ebony Blade (Whispering Door)0004A38F
Ebony Greatsword000139AF
Elven Greatsword0001399F
Glass Greatsword000139A7
Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword0005BF13
Iron Greatsword0001359D
Iron Greatsword of Binding896EF
Iron Greatsword of Cowardice8970F
Iron Greatsword of Diminishing896DA
Iron Greatsword of Dismay8970E
Iron Greatsword of Draining896D9
Iron Greatsword of Fatigue89702
Iron Greatsword of Fear89710
Iron Greatsword of Sapping896D8
Iron Greatsword of Soul Snares896EE
Iron Greatsword of Souls896ED
Iron Greatsword of Torpor89704
Iron Greatsword of Weariness89703
Nord Hero Greatsword000A3115
Orcish Greatsword0001398F
Red Eagle’s BaneAB703
Red Eagle’s Fury9FD50
Reverent Iron Greatsword896F8
Reverent Steel GreatswordA69A1
Sanctified Steel GreatswordA69A0
Santified Iron Greatsword896F7
Silver Greatsword0010C6FB
Skyforge Steel Greatsword0009F25E
Steel Greatsword00013987
Steel Greatsword of ArcingA6997
Steel Greatsword of BindingA699B
Steel Greatsword of BurningA698E
Steel Greatsword of ChillsA6990
Steel Greatsword of CowardiceA698B
Steel Greatsword of DiminishingA6995
Steel Greatsword of DismayA698A
Steel Greatsword of DrainingA6994
Steel Greatsword of EmbersA698D
Steel Greatsword of FearA698C
Steel Greatsword of FrostA6991
Steel Greatsword of IceA6992
Steel Greatsword of SappingA6993
Steel Greatsword of ScorchingA698F
Steel Greatsword of ShocksA6998
Steel Greatsword of Soul SnaresA699A
Steel Greatsword of Soul-RippingA699C
Steel Greatsword of SoulsA6999
Steel Greatsword of SparksA6996
Steel Greatsword of TorporA699E
Steel Greatsword of WearinessA699D

All Mace Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Blessed Steel MaceA69C3
Daedric Mace000139B8
Dwarven Mace00013998
Ebony Mace000139B0
Elven Mace000139A0
Glass Mace000139A8
Iron Mace00013982
Iron Mace of Binding896DF
Iron Mace of Cowardice89711
Iron Mace of Dismay896DF
Iron Mace of Fear89713
Iron Mace of Soul SnaresA69C4
Lunar Iron MaceLevel 2–3: 0003B0BF
Level 4–5: 0003B0C0
Level 6+: 0003B0C1
Lunar Steel MaceLevel 4–5: 0003B0B6
Level 6–7: 0003B0B9
Level 8+: 0003B0BC
Mace of Molag Bal000233E3
Orcish Mace00013990
Rusty Mace00022F0F
Sanctified Steel MaceA69C4
Steel Mace00013988
Steel Mace of BindingA69BF
Steel Mace of CowardiceA69B9
Steel Mace of DiminishingA69BC
Steel Mace of DismayA69B8
Steel Mace of DrainingA69BB
Steel Mace of FatigueA69C0
Steel Mace of SappingA69BA
Steel Mace of Soul SnaresA69BE
Steel Mace of SoulsA69BD
Steel Mace of TorporA69C2
Steel Mace of WearinessA69C1

All Warhammer Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Blessed Iron Warhammer896F9
Blessed Steel WarhammerA69B5
Daedric Warhammer000139BA
Dragonbone Warhammerxx014fd0
Dwarven Warhammer0001399A
Ebony Warhammer000139B2
Elven Warhammer000139A2
Glass Warhammer000139AA
Iron Warhammer00013981
Iron Warhammer of Binding896E6
Iron Warhammer of Cowardice8971B
Iron Warhammer of Diminishing896DD
Iron Warhammer of Dismay8971A
Iron Warhammer of Draining896DC
Iron Warhammer of Fatigue89705
Iron Warhammer of Fear8971C
Iron Warhammer of Sapping896DB
Iron Warhammer of Soul Snares896E5
Iron Warhammer of Souls896E4
Iron Warhammer of Torpor89707
Iron Warhammer of Weariness89706
Orcish Warhammer00013992
Reverent Iron Warhammer896FB
Reverent Steel WarhammerA69B7
Sanctified Iron Warhammer896FA
Sanctified Steel WarhammerA69B6
Shagrol’s Warhammer000223FB
Steel Warhammer0001398A
Steel Warhammer of ArcingA69AD
Steel Warhammer of BindingA69B1
Steel Warhammer of BurningA69A6
Steel Warhammer of ChillsA69A7
Steel Warhammer of CowardiceA69A3
Steel Warhammer of DiminishingA69AB
Steel Warhammer of DismayA69A2
Steel Warhammer of DrainingA69AA
Steel Warhammer of EmbersA69A5
Steel Warhammer of FatigueA69B2
Steel Warhammer of FearA69A4
Steel Warhammer of FrostA69A8
Steel Warhammer of SappingA69A9
Steel Warhammer of ShocksA69AE
Steel Warhammer of Soul SnaresA69B0
Steel Warhammer of SoulsA69AF
Steel Warhammer of SparksA69AC
Steel Warhammer of TorporA69B4
Steel Warhammer of WearinessA69B3
The Longhammer000AE085

All War Axe Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Ancient Nord War Axe0002C672
Ceremonial Axe0008ABFD
Daedric War Axe000139B3
Dawnguard War Axexx00d098
Dragonbone War Axexx014fFCF
Dwarven War Axe00013993
Ebony War Axe000139AB
Elven War Axe0001399B
Falmer War Axe000302CD
Forsworn Axe000CC829
Ghorbash’s Ancestral Axe0006A8FD
Glass War Axe000139A3
Honed Draugr War Axe0005BF15
Honed Falmer War Axe0006F700
Illusory War Axe000E7A31
Iron War Axe00013790
Iron War Axe of Binding896000
Iron War Axe of Cowardice89718
Iron War Axe of Dismay89717
Iron War Axe of Fear89719
Iron War Axe of Soul Snares896E2
Lunar Iron War AxeLevel 2–3: 0003B0C5
Level 4–5: 0003B0C6
Level 6+: 0003B0C7
Lunar Steel War AxeLevel 4–5: 0003B0B8
Level 6–7: 0003B0BB
Level 8+: 0003B0BE
Nord Hero War Axe00068C63
Notched Pickaxe001019D4
Orcish War Axe0001398B
Poacher’s Axe000AE086
Skyforge Steel War Axe0009F260
Steel War Axe00013983
Woodcutter’s Axe0002F2F4

All Battleaxe Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Ancient Nord Battle Axe0001CB64
Blessed Iron Battleaxe896F0
Blessed Steel BattleaxeA6987
Daedric Battleaxe000139B4
Dragonbone Battleaxexx014FC3
Drainblood Battleaxe000F82FA
Dwarven Battleaxe00013994
Ebony Battleaxe000139AC
Elven Battleaxe0001399C
Glass Battleaxe000139A4
Headsman’s Axe000BE25E
Honed Ancient Nord Battle Axe0005BF12
Iron Battleaxe13980
Iron Battleaxe of Binding896E9
Iron Battleaxe of Cowardice89709
Iron Battleaxe of Dismay89708
Iron Battleaxe of Fatigue896FC
Iron Battleaxe of Fear8970A
Iron Battleaxe of Soul Snares896E8
Iron Battleaxe of Souls896E7
Iron Battleaxe of Torpor896FE
Iron Battleaxe of Weariness896FD
Nord Hero Battle Axe00068C79
Orcish Battleaxe0001398C
Reverent Iron Battleaxe896F2
Reverent Steel BattleaxeA6989
Rueful Axe0001C4E6
Sanctified Iron Battleaxe896F1
Sanctified Steel BattleaxeA6988
Skyforge Steel Battleaxe0009F25F
Skyforge Steel Battleaxe9F25F
Steel Battleaxe00013984
Steel Battleaxe of ArcingA697C
Steel Battleaxe of BindingA6983
Steel Battleaxe of BurningA56CF
Steel Battleaxe of ChillsA6975
Steel Battleaxe of CowardiceA6979
Steel Battleaxe of DiminishingA6980
Steel Battleaxe of DismayA6978
Steel Battleaxe of DrainingA697F
Steel Battleaxe of EmbersA56CE
Steel Battleaxe of FatigueA6984
Steel Battleaxe of FearA697A
Steel Battleaxe of FrostA6976
Steel Battleaxe of IceA6977
Steel Battleaxe of SappingA697E
Steel Battleaxe of ScorchingA56D0
Steel Battleaxe of ShocksA697D
Steel Battleaxe of Soul SnaresA6982
Steel Battleaxe of SoulsA6981
Steel Battleaxe of SparksA697B
Steel Battleaxe of TorporA6986
Steel Battleaxe of WearinessA6985
The Woodsman’s Friend00022265
Tsun’s Battle Axe0005BF19

All Light Armor Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Amulet of Articulation000F6911
Ancient Falmer Bootsxx00C815
Ancient Falmer Crownxx00C814
Ancient Falmer Cuirassxx00C816
Ancient Falmer Gauntletsxx00C817
Ancient Shrouded Armor000E1F15
Ancient Shrouded Boots000E1F14
Ancient Shrouded Cowl000E1F17
Ancient Shrouded Gloves000E1F16
Armor of the Old Gods000EAFD0
Blackguard’s Armorxx02AD33
Blackguard’s Bootsxx02AD34
Blackguard’s Glovesxx02AD32
Blackguard’s Hoodxx02AD31
Boots of the Old Gods000EAFD3
Chitin Armorxx01CD87
Chitin Bootsxx01CD86
Chitin Bracersxx01CD88
Chitin Helmetxx01CD89
Chitin Shieldxx026235
Dawnguard Armorxx00F3FB (Red)
xx00F402 (Grey)
xx00F404 (Brown)
Dawnguard Bootsxx00F400
Dawnguard Gauntletsxx00F3FE
Dawnguard Helmetxx01989E
Dawnguard Rune Shieldxx011BAF
Deathbrand Armorxx02401B
Deathbrand Bootsxx02401A
Deathbrand Gauntletsxx02401C
Deathbrand Helmxx02401D
Diadem of the Savant000F9904
Dragonscale Armor0001393E
Dragonscale Boots0001393D
Dragonscale Gauntlets0001393F
Dragonscale Helmet00013940
Dragonscale Shield00013941
Elven Armor000896A3
Elven Boots0001391A
Elven Gauntlets0001391C
Elven Gilded Armor0001392A
Elven Helmet0001391D
Elven Shield0001391E
Falkreath Guard’s Armor0002151E
Forsworn Armor000D8D50
Forsworn Boots000D8D4E
Forsworn Gauntlets000D8D55
Forsworn Headdress000D8D52
Fur Armor0006F393
Fur Boots000A6D7F
Fur Bracers0006F39B
Fur Gauntlets000A6D7D
Fur Helmet0006F39E
Fur Shoes0006F398
Gauntlets of the Old Gods000EAFD2
Glass Armor00013939
Glass Boots00013938
Glass Gauntlets0001393A
Glass Helmet0001393B
Glass Shield0001393C
Gloves of the Pugilist0010A06A
Guild Master’s Armor000D3ACC
Guild Master’s Boots000D3ACB
Guild Master’s Gloves000D3ACD
Guild Master’s Hood000D3ACE
Helmet of the Old Gods000EAFD1
Hide Armor00013911
Hide Boots00013910
Hide Bracers00013912
Hide Helmet00013913
Hide Shield00013914
Hjaalmarch Guard’s Armor00021520
Imperial Light Armor00013ED9
Imperial Light Boots00013ED7
Imperial Light Bracers00013EDA
Imperial Light Helmet00013EDB
Imperial Light Shield00013AB2
Krosis Mask00061CB9
Leather Armor0003619E
Leather Boots00013920
Leather Bracers00013921
Leather Helmet00013922
Linwe’s Armor000108544
Linwe’s Boots000108543
Linwe’s Gloves000108545
Linwe’s Hood000108546
Locket of Saint Jiubxx018B91
Markarth Guard’s Armor00021508
Miraak Maskxx039D2B (1–44)
xx039D2E (45–59)
xx039D2F (60+)
Miraak’s Bootsxx03D2AF
Miraak’s Glovesxx02B0F9
Morag Tong Armorxx0292AC
Morag Tong Bootsxx0292AB
Morag Tong Bracersxx0292AD
Morag Tong Hoodxx0292AE
Morokei Mask00061C8B
Movarth’s Boots00096D9B
Nightingale Armor0005DB86 (1–18)
000FCC0E (19–31)
000FCC0F (32+)
Nightingale Boots000FCC0C (1–18)
0005DB85 (19–31)
000FCC0D (32+)
Nightingale Gloves0005DB87 (1–18)
000FCC10 (19–31)
000FCC11 (32+)
Nightingale Hood0005DB88 (1–18)
000FCC13 (19–31)
000FCC12 (32+)
Pale Guard’s Armor00021525
Penitus Oculatus Armor000D3EA0
Penitus Oculatus Boots000D3EA7
Penitus Oculatus Bracers000D3EAB
Penitus Oculatus Helmet000D3EAA
Riften Guard’s Armor00021507
Savior’s Hide0002AC61
Scaled Armor0001B3A3
Scaled Boots0001B39F
Scaled Bracers0001B3A0
Scaled Helmet0001B3A1
Scaled Horn Armor0001B3A4
Shrouded Armor00D28440005ABC3 (Alt.)
Shrouded Boots000D2845
Shrouded Cowl000D2842
Shrouded Cowl Maskless0005ABC4
Shrouded Gloves000D2843
Skaal Bootsxx039112
Skaal Coatxx03910E
Skaal Glovesxx039110
Skaal Hatxx039114
Solitude Guard’s Armor000C7F5B
Stalhrim Light Armorxx01CDA2
Stalhrim Light Bootsxx01CD7E
Stalhrim Light Bracersxx01CDA5
Stalhrim Light Helmetxx01CDA3
Stalhrim Shieldxx026237
Stormcloak Cuirass000A6D7B
Stormcloak Helmet000A6D79
Stormcloak Officer Armor0008697E
Stormcloak Officer Boots00086981
Stormcloak Officer Bracers00086983
Stormcloak Officer Helmet00086985
Studded Armor0001B3A2
Studded Imperial Armor00013ED8
Thieves Guild Armor000D3AC3
Thieves Guild Boots000D3AC2
Thieves Guild Gloves000D3AC4
Thieves Guild Hood000D3AC5
Vampire Armorxx0142C7 (Black)
xx0191F2 (Grey)
xx0191F3 (Red)
Vampire Bootsxx00B5DE
Vampire Gauntletsxx01A51F
Vampire Royal Armorxx00B5DB
Volsung Mask00061CAB
Whiterun Guard’s Armor0002150D
Winterhold Guard’s Armor00021522
Wooden Mask00061CCA
Worn Shrouded Armor0010EB5B
Worn Shrouded Boots0010EB5C
Worn Shrouded Cowl0010EB5D
Worn Shrouded Gloves0010EB5E

All Heavy Armor Item IDs

Item NameItem ID
Aetherial Shieldxx005759
Ahzidal’s Armor of Retributionxx01DB97
Ahzidal’s Boots of Waterwalkingxx01C655
Ahzidal’s Gauntlets of Wardingxx01DB99
Ahzidal’s Helm of Visionxx01DB98
Ancient Helmet of the Unburned000F494E
Ancient Nord Armor00018388
Ancient Nord Boots00056A9D
Ancient Nord Gauntlets00056B17
Ancient Nord Helmet00056A9E
Auriel’s Shieldxx00284D
Banded Iron Armor00013948
Banded Iron Shield0001394B
Blades Armor0004B28B
Blades Boots0004B288
Blades Gauntlets0004B28D
Blades Helmet0004B28F
Blades Shield0004F912
Bonemold Armorxx01CD93
Bonemold Bootsxx01CD92
Bonemold Gauntletsxx01CD94
Bonemold Guard Armorxx037564
Bonemold Helmetxx01CD95
Bonemold Pauldron Armorxx037563
Bonemold Shieldxx026234
Chitin Heavy Armorxx01CD8A
Chitin Heavy Bootsxx01CD82
Chitin Heavy Gauntletsxx01CD8B
Chitin Heavy Helmetxx01CD8C
Cultist Maskxx037B88
Daedric Armor0001396B
Daedric Boots0001396A
Daedric Gauntlets0001396C
Daedric Helmet0001396D
Daedric Shield0001396E
Dawnguard Full Helmetxx0050D0
Dawnguard Heavy Armorxx00F3F7 (Brown)
xx00F3FA (Gray)
Dawnguard Heavy Bootsxx014757
Dawnguard Heavy Gauntletsxx014758
Dawnguard Shieldxx0150B8
Dented Iron Shieldxx03399C
Dragonplate Armor00013966
Dragonplate Boots00013965
Dragonplate Gauntlets00013967
Dragonplate Helmet00013969
Dragonplate Shield00013968
Dwarven Armor0001394D
Dwarven Boots0001394C
Dwarven Gauntlets0001394E
Dwarven Helmet0001394F
Dwarven Shield00013950
Ebony Armor00013961
Ebony Boots00013960
Ebony Gauntlets00013962
Ebony Helmet00013963
Ebony Mail00052794
Ebony Shield00013964
Falmer Armor000B83CB
Falmer Boots000B83CD
Falmer Gauntlets000B83CF
Falmer Hardened Armorxx00E8DE
Falmer Hardened Bootsxx00E8DD
Falmer Hardened Gauntletsxx00E8DF
Falmer Hardened Helmxx00E8E0
Falmer Heavy Armorxx0023E9
Falmer Heavy Bootsxx0023EF
Falmer Heavy Gauntletsxx0023ED
Falmer Heavy Helmxx0023EB
Falmer Helmet0004C3CB
Falmer Shield0005C06C
General Tullius’ Armor0005CBFE
Helm of Winterhold000940D5
Helm of Yngol000295F3
Imperial Armor000136D5
Imperial Boots000136D6
Imperial Bracers000136D4
Imperial Helmet00013EDC
Imperial Helmet (Closed)0009610D
Imperial Officer’s Helmet000136CF
Imperial Shield000135BA
Improved Bonemold Armorxx03AB26
Improved Bonemold Bootsxx03AB25
Improved Bonemold Gauntletsxx03AB22
Improved Bonemold Helmetxx03AB23
Improved Bonemold Shieldxx03AB24
Iron Armor00012E49
Iron Boots00012E4B
Iron Gauntlets00012E46
Iron Helmet00012E4D
Iron Shield00012EB6
Masque of Clavcus Vile000D2846
Miraakxx039FA1 (1–44)
xx039FA2 (45–59)
xx039FA3 (60+)
Nordic Carved Armorxx01CD97
Nordic Carved Bootsxx01CD96
Nordic Carved Gauntletsxx01CD98
Nordic Carved Helmetxx01CD99
Nordic Shieldxx026236
Orcish Armor00013957
Orcish Boots00013956
Orcish Gauntlets00013958
Orcish Helmet00013959
Orcish Shield00013946
Shellbug Helmetxx012E8A
Shield of Ysgramor000E41D8
Stalhrim Armorxx01CD9F
Stalhrim Bootsxx01CD9E
Stalhrim Gauntletsxx01CDA0
Stalhrim Helmxx01CDA1
Steel Armor00013952
Steel Cuffed Boots00013951
Steel Helmet00013954
Steel Horned Helmet000F6F24
Steel Imperial Gauntlets000F6F23
Steel Nordic Gauntlets00013953
Steel Plate Armor0001395C
Steel Plate Boots0001395B
Steel Plate Gauntlets0001395D
Steel Plate Helmet0001395E
Steel Shield00013955
Steel Shin Boots000F6F21
Targe of the Blooded000FC5BF
The Jagged Crown000DA750
Visage of Mzundxx038ADD
Wolf Armor000CAE15
Wolf Boots000CEE7C
Wolf Gauntlets000CEE7E
Wolf Helmet0004C3D0