How to quickly make money in Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution allows you to create your ideal Jurassic Park—for the right cost.

Currency is a huge factor in your decision making since everything costs a certain amount of dollars. Dinosaurs, structures, and even changing the landscape requires some sort of income, so generating a large amount of money is required to complete the main campaign.

In some sections of the campaign, such as the third island, you’re required to create money as quickly as possible to meet the needs of your park, research new items, and discover dinosaurs. With money being such an essential part of the game, here are some quick and easy tips to generate a nice income.

Keep taking contracts

Contracts, which can be accessed in the command center, are small missions that give you a large amount of money for completing various tasks, such as going to a dig site, building a certain attraction, or adding a dinosaur to your park.

These contracts are some of the fastest options available and give you enough money to get you started. The contracts aren’t a stable form of income, however, so only use them to gain a small profit.

Complete missions

Each island on the map has key missions that unlock not only dinosaur and structural rewards, but a large cash sum that will enable you to invest it into other areas of the park.

Just like with contracts, this source of income isn’t infinite, so be sure to use it to boost your park’s facilities in order to attract more visitors.

Be cautious, though—some of these missions might require you to put the lives of your visitors in danger. Make sure to build shelters in case a dinosaur is let loose in the park, or the park becomes sabotaged by an abnormal entity. Visitor injuries will cost you money for a short period of time, reducing your income and crippling your chances of progression if you aren’t prepared.

Build your park smartly

The more things your park has, the more likely a visitor will want to attend. Having a hotel early can sometimes work wonders since it gives you a great influx of visitors into your park. At the same time, focusing on a variety of small cheap dinosaurs, as well as food courts and general attractions, all give you a steady stream of revenue.

Most of your income will rise slowly over time and as you get more visitors, with visitor revenue being the biggest and most reliable source of income. You want to focus on getting your star rating up by adding more dinosaurs in secure enclosures, introducing stores for visitors to eat and drink at, as well as buy gifts, and creating the best park you can.

Sell fossils

By going on expeditions at dig sites, your crew will sometimes bring back rare fossils that can be sold for a large chunk of money. Just like contracts, these offer one-time profits that can be used in other areas of the park.

You can also choose to sell dinosaur fossils, but you won’t be able to extract the DNA if you do this.

Sell unused or unwanted buildings

Although this isn’t a huge source of income, selling buildings, dinosaurs, and other areas that you no longer need or use will offer you a small form of income and free up some of your revenue by reducing costs.