Kalliope’s Distress Vault Guide – Aphrodite’s Second Tear – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Trial and error.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

As you play through the Crying Shame mission, you will need to gather up three of Aphrodite’s Tear. The third Tear is hidden in a Vault called Kalliope’s Distress. You can find the entrance to the Vault located in a deep chasm, but you’ll need to open a magic red door to get inside.

This is simple enough to do, as you just need to hit three buttons to open it. The first button can be found by dropping through a hole in the ground, all the way down to the bottom of a pit. Hit the button and climb back out. When you do, you will have a red door directly beside it. Jump over it onto a platform with a pressure pad. This causes a brazier to spawn behind a crack in the wall on the far side. Send one of your arrows through some fire and into the brazier to turn on the air vent you can ride up to the second button. For the third button, smash in the wall and then use your Herakles abilities to lift the stone off the pressure plate, giving you access to the third button.

The Kalliope’s Distress vault is a little different, as all the puzzles involve finding the right path through some pressure plates. You can find the routes you need to take for each puzzle below.

First Puzzle

Second Puzzle

Third Puzzle

Extra Loot Chest Puzzle