Kanto Cup will be the Player’s Choice Cup in Pokémon Go for November 2021

Bring your best Kanto Pokémon to battle against other players.

Image via Niantic

Players have voted on Pokémon Go’s twitter page for the next Pokémon Go cup to appear in the Battle League on November 8. Of the four choices, the Kanto Cup has been crowned the winner. The announcement arrived from the Pokémon Go twitter page with the full details of how the cup will work. All players will be able to participate in it alongside the Master League competitions.

The Kanto Cup barely made it across the finish line, taking 30.7% of the vote. The Little Cup was right behind it at 30.2% of the vote. The other choices, the Retro Cup and Element Cup did not fare as well at 21.1% and 18%, respectively.

During the Kanto Cup, players can only use Pokémon that appeared in the Kanto region, along with any unique forms they might have in Pokémon Go. For example, you can use both Marowak and Alolan Marowak in these battles. In addition, any Pokémon you use in the competition cannot exceed 1,500 CP.

You can participate in the Kanto Cup from November 8 to 22, simultaneously as the Master League and the Master League Premier Classic. It’s a solid alternative for players who do not have Pokémon that compete in the Master League competitions, which feature some of the most challenging battles between Pokémon Go players.