Killer Queen Black: How To Win a Match


The classic arcade eSport game is out today, Killer Queen Black. It’s a fight to the end game with players vying for victory on the map. However, while only one of the two teams can win, there are multiple ways for this to happen.

How To Win a Match in Killer Queen Black

You have three ways you can win a game in Killer Queen Black. There’s a Military victory, an Economic victory, and a Snail victory.

Military Victory

The most aggressive of the three, you need to take out the opposing team’s Queen three times to achieve this one. The Queen is an agile, powerful, and daring opponent. Not only are her soldiers going to protect her, nailing her down in a single fight is going to prove challenging. However, of the three choices, it can prove the quickest way to win. The Queen can easily step into trouble multiple times to achieve forms of victory.

A team can keep track of how many times they’ve taken out the opposing team’s Queen by the eggs on the top. When there are no more eggs at the top, and the Queen dies, it’s game over. We have an in-depth strategy guide on Military victory tactics.

Economic Victory

The small, purple berries you see on the map? You need to take these back to your base and toss them into your hive. Throwing one into your colony is going to fill one of the black dots in your home. You need to fill in all of the dots to win, and you need a drone to do so. They work similarly to your classic 3D platformer sprite, where they cannot fly around, but they can jump from level to level. They can carry one of these berries up the platforms to the hive, and toss one inside for your team.

If a drone becomes a warrior by taking a berry into one of the gates, they cannot carry any of the berries back to the base. We have an in-depth strategy guide on Economic victory tactics.

Snail Victory

On the bottom, a snail is hanging out in the middle of the map. A drone needs to get on top of this snail and ride it to their side’s respective net, on the other side. The snail is extremely slow, making it difficult for a drone to rest there without getting attacked by anything else. The drone needs to ride the snail the entire way to their side’s gate and make it to the other side. If they did, they win a snail victory for their team.

Make sure the drone is carrying a berry when attempting to ride the snail. We have an in-depth strategy guide on Snail victory tactics.

These three respective and unique victories make this multiplayer game diverse and exciting, but each team needs to keep their eyes out. It’s easy to forget about a lone drone sitting on a snail on the bottom, or allowing one to make it back to their hive with a berry. Don’t lose track of these victories, and make sure your opponent’s are not outperforming you. Win three times in a row, and you win.