Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Where to Find a Spade


After heading back to your family’s home during the late stages of the prologue in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Henry will want to bury his parents near the Linden tree by their house. In order to do so, he will need a shovel. The Homecoming quest tasks you with locating a Spade, which can be a little bit difficult given the conditions. Read on to find where to locate that Spade so Henry can do what he worked so hard to come back for.

Where to Find a Spade

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Where to Find a Spade
Find a ShovelTL;DR Games • Fair Use

After the cutscene plays where Henry is sitting over the dead bodies of his parents, you will get up and start your search for a shovel. While it’s difficult to describe the exact location in a visual fashion because of the bad weather and general destruction around the village, sound will be your guide. Stand up and look towards the center of the village, away from Henry’s parents’ home. You will hear a dog barking and eventually another man’s voice. If you proceed into the center of the village, there will be a burned out, rather large structure on your left. As you approach the entryway, a cutscene will play.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Where to Find a Spade
Doorway to the SpadeTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Inside the building is a familiar character who’s in a bit of a tussle with a dog. Turns out the dog is merely trying to protect his owner from the scumbag trying to loot his dead body. Proceed whichever way you like during the conversation. In my case, it ended up in a fight, which was quickly over as I pulled my sword and our looter took off. You can then pick up the Spade and head back to your parents to continue the quest.

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