To Fix Low FPS Issue In Kingdom Come Deliverance Use This Launch Command


Kingdom Come Deliverance has reported to have Low FPS (or lag issue) due to improper RAM allocation. Thankfully, there is a fix for this according to a Steam user Saint. This guide is based on the thread by the user on Steam, according to which due to uneven ram allocation Kingdom Come Deliverance struggles for performance on systems (PCs) with 8GB or 16GB RAM.

Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Fix

How To Fix Low FPS or Lag Issue In Kingdom Come Deliverance

The solution is pretty simple, you have to add certain codes in game launch option and it will allow the game to properly utilize the ram and reduce lag issue. You just have to add two commands on the basis of RAM you have in your system.

Low FPS fix for PC having 4GB or more RAM:

  • Right click on the game icon and choose Properties.
  • Click on General Tab and click on “Set Launch Options”
  • Add -heapsize 524288

The above option is also available for a system for different ram. The list is below. You will have to use different values on the basis of RAM you have in your system to reduce the lag issue in the game.

  • 8GB RAM: -heapsize 1048576
  • 12GB RAM: -heapsize 1572864
  • 16GB RAM: -heapsize 2097152
  • 24GB RAM: -heapsize 3145728
  • 32GB RAM: -heapsize 4194304
  • 64GB RAM: -heapsize 8388608

Add the above command on the basis of your system configuration and launch the game. According to the source user if the game is struggling for RAM allocation, by using the above solution you can double the game fps and it will remain near to constant. You can also read our guide on console command and cheats.

Source: Steam