All of the Friend Ability combinations in Kirby Star Allies


In Kirby Star Allies, teaming up with friends can be the key to success as you progress through the game.

By acquiring NPC characters to team up with, Kirby and his friends can unlock new powerful abilities to help defeat even the toughest foes. These abilities can also be crucial as you open up new areas to explore and, more importantly, try to complete the game.

To gain this power, you must use a new mechanic called Friend Abilities. This guide can teach you everything you need to know about these unique abilities.

What are Friend Abilities?

Friend Abilities were introduced in Kirby Star Allies. They allow Kirby to use new moves when cooperating with friends. They also enhance Kirby’s Copy Abilities in-game by either adding Elemental Enhancements to weapons or by unlocking new special moves.

What are Elemental Enhancements?

Elemental Enhancements help increase the strength of a weapon-type ability. They’re a combination of a base weapon and a secondary ability, and they provide a huge power-up to your attacks to aid you in battle and exploration.

What are Team-Up Attacks?

Unlike Elemental Enhancements, Team-Up Attacks are simply powered-up moves that are used in combination with another ability. They’re additional moves that can be used once, disappearing after the effect ends. Players will then need to wait a set time before they can use these moves again.

How do Friend Abilities work?

To use Friend Abilities, simply hold up on the analogue stick or the D-Pad when Kirby has an ability. A CPU-controlled user on your team that can team up with your attack will instantly help you out.

What weapons can gain Elemental Enhancements?

Each weapon in the game can be combined with one of the five elements: Bluster, Splash, Blizzard, Sizzle, and Zap. These weapons include:

  • Bomb
  • Cutter
  • Hammer
  • Ninja
  • Staff
  • Sword
  • Whip
  • Yo-Yo

Some of the Dream Friends, including fan-favorite characters like King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight, can also combine their weapons with elements to create their own Friend Ability power-ups.

Which abilities can be combined to create Team-Up Attacks?

There are a mixture of different abilities that can be used with friends. Some of these abilities, like Stone, require a particular element in order to create a unique attack, while others, such as Spider, can be used with anyone.

The Fighter, Suplex, Beetle, Parasol, Spider, Cook, Artist, Cleaning, Crash, Mike, Festival, and Sleep abilities can be used with anyone. All of these abilities offer unique effects that can help your party or deal massive damage to the opposition.

Stone can fuse with Ice, Water, Parasol, Cleaning, or Wing to create a unique attack to use on foes. Try them all out for yourself to see which is your favorite.

Water can be used with Ice, Beam, and Plasma to create the Icicle Lance and Zap Splasher abilities, which deal massive damage to enemies.

Plasma can be combined with Water to create the Thundersplash. Fire can be crafted together with a Cleaning or Wing ability to make the Rising Sizzler, while ESP can combine with Stone to create Geokinesis—the last available Team-Up Attack.