Knockout City – Tips to play better on Rooftop Rumble

Great location for a party. Better location for dodgeball.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you get into a match on Rooftop Rumble in Knockout City, you are fighting it out at the top of two skyscrapers towering above a busy intersection of cars in the city. A hastily put-together bridge connects these buildings in a valley of high-speed winds that will boost your gliding between two spots. Other than that, the rooftops do not have much that stands out about them other than a bandstand and a garden. Here are some tips that can help you perform better on the Rooftop Rumble map.

Be wary about gliding across the gap

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As noted, there is a gusty gap between both buildings in Rooftop Rumble, with only a small wooden bridge connecting each other. If you are going to attempt to cross to the other building away from the bridge, you will need to glide across. Make sure that no enemies with dodgeballs are looking your way when you do this. If they throw one at you, you will lose too much altitude if you catch it and fall to your death, or you are going to have to willingly take the damage for a chance to recover safely.

That is not to say that the bridge is much safer. Being in the center of a wide-open gap, a lot of attention will go to that area, so be prepared to defend yourself if you are caught there.

Ultimate throws are a solid choice for attack

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There is not a single location in Rooftop Rumble that has any overhead cover. This makes this map the best site in the game to pull off ultimate throws. While you will need to be careful not to direct yourself to fall to your death, there is plenty of areas you can safely pull off this maneuver. Also, with very few corners to hide around, the opposing team could get stuck in a situation where they cannot escape a well-timed ultimate throw from you or a teammate.

Focus on timing your catches

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Catching throws coming in from opponents is a vital part of your success in Knockout City to begin with, but that is nailed home even harder on Rooftop Rumble with such little cover you can take. If you are outnumbered, use your tackle to knock balls away from enemies, but what will save your life on this map more than anything is your ability to catch incoming threats and return them to the opposition.

Useful special balls

  • Rooftop Rumble is the best location in Knockout City to use the Sniper Ball. Long-reaching sightlines with little cover are perfect for locking onto enemies from a distance.
  • Outside of the Sniper Ball, the Multi Ball is still strong on this map, giving you three shots to barrage enemies with.
  • The Cage Ball can have quite an impact on Rooftop Rumble as well. Trap an enemy and toss them in almost any direction, and you can send them flying off the map to their death.
  • The Moon Ball does not see a ton of great use on this map. If you hit an enemy with it as they attempt to cross the windy gap, you give them more elevation to land on either rooftop safely, and the slow gravity you have holding it will leave you an open target with how little cover there is here.
  • Unless you are landing hits with the Bomb Ball, it is not particularly good on Rooftop Rumble as well. You might be able to use it to get some good hits on anyone crossing the bridge, but otherwise, you are essentially just using a regular ball that will eventually blow up in your face.