League of Legends Season 10 Champion Guide: Rumble Tips and Tricks


Out of all the champions in League, there are none that have captured my heart quite as much as the Mechanized Menace himself. Capable of defining team fights through a well-placed ultimate, or executing insane 1v2 outplays as early as three minutes into the game, Rumble has a high skill floor but a near-infinite ceiling.

The Build

Rune Page

Arcane Comet is the way to go for Rumble, and trading in lane with your E in order to apply it is how Rumble survives a comparatively weak level 1 and 2 versus other bruisers.

Item Choices

Liandry’s Torment is Rumble’s best bet when it comes to augmenting his damage. The extra application of percentage hp-damage really does work wonders for the Mechanized Menace, with said damage being amplified further when applied on top of either of his two slowing abilities. Afterwards, be sure to build magic penetration as priority – Rumble’s base damages are high, but his AP scalings are low to compensate.

rumble runes

The Abilities

Rumble players typically take E – Electro-Harpoon – at level 1, in order to keep their distance from melee lane bullies while they scale towards their level 3 power spike. After this, however, you will want to pour all of your points into Q – Flamespitter, as trading with this ability is where most of Rumble’s damage comes from. The frontal cone area of effect is both devastating and long-lasting, allowing you to trim out minion waves and the enemy health bar all at once.

Tips and Tricks

Take Your R Off of Smartcast

In order to offer more precision when it comes to placing Rumble’s most crucial and devastating tool–The Equalizer–I’d advise taking the skill off of smart cast. This will allow you to click and drag the ability in the exact direction that you need, rather than relying on a somewhat-accurate flick of the wrist.

Always Keep Your Heat Above 50

Rumble’s passive is underrated–yet significant–part of his damage, especially in the aforementioned three-minute 1v2s. His abilities, rather than consuming mana or energy, generate either 10 (E) or 20 (Q and W) heat – and at 100 heat, he silences himself for a few seconds but gains increased damage on auto-attacks. Staying above 50 heat is essential, as the second part of Rumble’s passive comes into play here – all of his abilities having around 50% more effectiveness when cast at or above this benchmark.

Never Overheat with W

When overheating with Q – Flamespitter, Rumble will continue to dish out his signature area-of-effect flamethrower while silenced. In addition, your Q will generally be back off of cooldown after the silence effect has worn off. When it comes to E – Electro-Harpoon, he will be able to cast a second charge of the ability despite the silence effect. When it comes to W – Scrap Shield, however, there is a little benefit, and you often find yourself just awkwardly standing there and auto-attacking. Try to avoid this as often as possible.

Of note is that your heat will rapidly decay after not casting ability for 5 seconds; use this knowledge to get out as many abilities as possible before being silenced. Whether chasing down an opponent or going for a choice all-in, tracking your heat and appropriate resource management separates the great Rumble players from the good.