Link’s Awakening: How To Get the Magnifying Glass/Lens


Link’s Awakening wants you to go out and explore the world to discover what inhabits it. One of the things players are going to need to do is get involved in trading quests. These trading quests have Link exchanging items with various NPCs of the game. He’s going to get one item, and then later trade it another person for a particular person, and this cycle is going to continue. The main intention of this is so Link can receive essential items he can use on his quest. Here’s how you go through the last portion of the trading quest and get the Magnifying Glass/Lens.

Getting the Magnifying Glass/Lens in Link’s Awakening

Yoshi Doll for Ribbon

To get started in the trading quest you’re going to need to win a Yoshi Doll playing the Trendy Game found in Mabe Village. The doll is the first item in the trading quest. From there, you’re going to start it by speaking to Papahl’s Wife, who is also in Mabe Village. You can find her in the northern section of it. Give it to her, and you’re going to get a ribbon.

Ribbon for Dog Food

Take the ribbon to the mini Bow-wow, who also resides near Mabe Village. They’re to the northwest of the village, inside of Madam MeowMeow’s house. Talk to them, and you’re going to receive a can of dog food.

Dog Food for Bananas

Your next stop is to Toronbo Shores, and you’re looking for Sale. You’re going to find them inside of the Banana Hut. Go inside the hut and speak to Sale to give them the can of dog food. They’re going to provide you with bananas for your trouble.

Bananas for Stick

These bananas are beneficial because they’re going to assist you in getting access to Kanalet Castle. Go to the west to speak with Kiki, a monkey. They’re going to call some of their friends over to build you a bridge in exchange for the bananas. When they finish, you’re going to gain access to Kanalet Castle. Make sure to pick up the stick the monkeys leave behind.

Sticks for Honeycomb

You might have to wait a good chunk of time to get more items, but eventually, your next stop is going to be Ukuku Prairie. Head here and speak to Tarin. He’s willing to trade you the sticks for a honeycomb, which he knocks out of a nearby tree using the stick. However, when he does a series of bees are going to come out and start attacking him. Defend yourself, and then grab the honeycomb.

Honeycomb for Pineapple

Now, you’re going to want to visit the Animal Village. In the southeast portion of the area, you’re going to speak to Chef Bear and trade him the honeycomb for a pineapple.

Pineapple for Hibiscus

The next destination is going to take you a little bit of time to get to in the game. You need to proceed up the Tal Tal Mountain Range, and you’re going to want to find Papahl, who get stuck up there and has had nothing to eat. To get this part of the game you’re going to need to move the sleeping Walrus with Marin, head to the Yarna Desert, and defeat the Lanmola to grab the Angler key. Now, you’re going to have access to the Angler’s Tunnel dungeon. You’re going to find Papahl on top of the mountains. Link is going to receive a Hibiscus for his troubles.

Hibiscus for Letter

You want to return to Animal Village and give the Hibiscus to the goat, Christine. She’s going to provide Link with a letter, whom she requests he give it to Mr. White.

Letter for Broom

You won’t find Mr. White close to the Mysterious Woods, on the northwest section of the map. You’re going to need to proceed to the as northwest as you can, making sure to remain in the forest. When you get there, Mr. White is going to accept the letter and give you a broom in exchange.

Broom for Fishing Hook

The next step takes you back to civilization to Mabe Village. You’re looking to speak to Grandma lrira, also known as Grandma Yahoo, who you can find to the west of the main area. Head inside her home, and she’s going to give you a fishing hook for your broom.

Fishing Hook for Necklace

The person who needs the fishing hook is to the right of Catfish Maw in Martha’s Bay. Proceed in the direction of the dungeon, but don’t go inside of it. Go to the northwest and follow the path. At the end of the path, you’re going to find a fisherman who needs the hook. They promise to give Link the first thing they catch out of the water, which happens to be a necklace. Unfortunate, the necklace belongs to someone, and Link needs to return it to the rightful owner.

Necklace for Mermaid Scale

The rightful owner is also in Martha’s Bay, so you don’t have to go far. Go back the way you came and jump into the water, to the northeast of the Catfish Maw entrance. You’re going to encounter a mermaid, who is the rightful owner of the necklace. She’s willing to exchange one of her scales to Link for the necklace.

Scale for the Magnifying Glass

You’ve reached the final destination. The last thing you need to do is return to where you spoke to the Fisherman, and go to the left using your Hookshot. You’re going to give the mermaid statue the scale, and this causes the statue to move to reveal a hidden staircase. Go down it and grab the magnifying glass/lens at the bottom.

It may have taken you a good chunk of time, but you now have added the magnifying glass/lens to your collection.