Here is a list of every Temtem we know is in-game right now

All Temtem

Temtem is a unique take on the monster-catching formula formally capitalized by Pokémon. Now, there’s a new way to play it, and you can play it alongside other friends while you adventure around the world. There are several different creatures to catch in this game, and you can customize your squad to provide you with the best approach to any encounter.

At this time, the developers have noted there are as many as 160 Temtem in the game. However, at this time, we can only confirm 86 of the available Temtem, their names, and their typing. We’ll be adding to this list and updating it when the game releases for early access on Jan. 21.

Here’s the current list of Temtem creatures so far, and the type of Temtem they are:


  1. Adoroboros, Toxic and Mental
  2. Amphatyr, Electric and Nature
  3. Ampling, Electric
  4. Anahair, Crystal and Fire
  5. Azuroc, Crystal
  6. Baboong, Melee
  7. Babwa, Nature and Water
  8. Banapi, Fire
  9. Barnshe, Mental and Wind


  10. Bigu, Nature
  11. Blooze, Toxic,
  12. Bunbun, Earth and Crystral
  13. Capyre, Fire
  14. Cerneaf, Nature
  15. Crystle, Crystal
  16. Deendre, Nature
  17. Fomu, Water
  18. Ganki, Electric and Wind
  19. Gazuma, Electric and Wind


  20. Goolder, Toxic
  21. Granpah, Wind
  22. Gyalis, Crystal and Melee
  23. Hidody, Nature
  24. Hocus, Mental
  25. Houchic, Mental
  26. Kaku, Nature
  27. Kalabyss, Water and Toxic
  28. Kalazu, Water
  29. Kinu, Nature and Mental


  30. Lapinite, Crystal
  31. Loali, Nature and Wind
  32. Magmis, Fire
  33. Mastione, Fire
  34. Mudrid, Earth and Crystal
  35. Mushi, Toxic
  36. Mushrook, Toxic and Melee
  37. Myx, Crystal and Mental
  38. Nessla, Water and Electric
  39. Nidrasil, Nature and Toxic


  40. Noxolotl, Toxic
  41. Occlurra, Crystal
  42. Oceara, Water
  43. Oree, Digital
  44. Orphyll, Nature and Toxic
  45. Paharc Wind
  46. Paharo, Wind
  47. Pewki, Water
  48. Pigepic, Wind
  49. Piraniant, Water


  50. Platimous, Water and Toxic
  51. Platox, Water and Toxic
  52. Platypet, Water and Toxic
  53. Pocus, Mental
  54. Raiber, Fire
  55. Raican, Fire
  56. Raignet, Unknown
  57. Raize, Fire
  58. Saipat, Water and Melee
  59. Saku, Nature and Wind


  60. Sherald, Crystal
  61. Shuine, Crystal and Water
  62. Skail, Neutral
  63. Skunch, Neutral and Melee
  64. Smazee, Melee
  65. Sparzy, Electric
  66. Spriole, Nature
  67. Swali, Nature
  68. Taifu, Nature
  69. Tateru, Neutral


  70. Tental, Mental
  71. Toxoloti, Toxic
  72. Tuvine, Wind and Crystal
  73. Tuwai, Wind
  74. Ukama, Water
  75. Umishi, Water
  76. Valash, Neutral and Crystal
  77. Valiar, Mental
  78. Volarend, Toxic and Wind
  79. Vulcrane, Fire and Earth


  80. Vulor, Fire and Earth
  81. Vulvir, Fire and Earth
  82. Wiplump, Water and Wind
  83. Zaobian, Digital
  84. Zenoreth, Crystal
  85. Zephyruff, Toxic and Wind
  86. Zizare, Earth

You can expect more Temtem to come to this list shortly.