Loot the Universe legendary drop locations for Nekrotafeyo in Borderlands 3

Loot the Universe returns for its final week.

Borderlands 3

The Loot the Universe event has arrived to its final week in Borderlands 3. Already, players have spent nearly a month visiting different planets in the galaxy to try and acquire some of the best loot in the game. Not only did these planets produce some of the best spawns for legendary items, but it was doubly increased due to the enhanced Mayhem 2.0 system. Now that we’re in our final weeks, you have your chance to try and acquire additional gear before the event closes for good.

There are a variety of different locations you need to visit on Nekrotafeyo. During your adventures, here’s what we know so far about the current drops on the planet. These locations and the items found in them are subject to change as we learn more details.

  • Desolations Edge: Rocket Launchers and Class modifications
  • Tanzendeer Ruins: Assault Rifles and Artifacts
  • The Pyre of Stars: Sub-machine Guns
  • Trial of Survival: Shotguns
  • Trial of Cunning: Pistols
  • Trial of Supremacy: Assault Rifles
  • Trial of Instinct: Rocket Launchers
  • Trial of Ferver: Shields and Snipers

We’ll be filling in additional details throughout the day as the event progresses.

For those searching for the best items available during this event, you need to interact with your Mayhem level. The new Mayhem system changes up the overall gameplay, increasing the enemy’s overall difficulty by giving them additional health, armor, and shields, and adds modifiers to the game. Some of them assist you, but a majority of them are against you, especially the higher up the Mayhem level you go.

Most players who want the best loot in the game can expect to start encountering it once they reach Mayhem level 10. You want to keep the game up to this setting to have the highest chances of the best items to drop. Because there are so few locations on Nekrotafeyo, players can expect to see a variety of different drops all over the planet.

Optimize on the chance to obtain the best legendary items in Borderlands 3 before the final Loot the Universe week wraps up. The drops for Nekrotafeyo will remain active starting May 14 until May 21 at 9:00am PST.