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Finding the Lore Documents in Vampyr will help you learn more about the world of Vampyr and unlock the “Lore Keeper” trophy. These documents are important documents and are found in some important locations in London. Look for important items when you are in an important area especially for a piece of paper or when you meet a pillar of a community or any essential person look for the piece of paper in that area. We will now help you find all Lore Keeper Documents in Vampyr.

Lore Keeper Documents Location

All Lore Documents Locations

To find the Lore Documents look around every hideout and locked house. You cannot enter any house since you are a vampire, keep progressing through the game and increase your mesmerize level so you can force your way into a home.

Lore Documents in Prologue

At the start of the game in the house that you hide from the hunters. In the destroyed room, it is on the shelves to the right of the destroyed room.

Lore Documents in Chapter 1

North Docks – In the Second Warehouse with the corpse.

Pembroke Hospital – Found in the same room as Thomas Elwood, first floor of the hospital.

Pembroke Hospital – Second floor, Dr. Swansea’s large office.

Lore Documents in Chapter 2

Hospital Sewers – Found in the hospital sewers. Search the corpse in the sewers, outside of the boss arena.

White Chapel – The second floor of Harry Peterson’s on the office desk.

White Chapel – Go into the Crane’s Dispensary in White Chapel. Find the room with two skal. Beat them and search the room for a collectible.

White Chapel Petrescu’s House – In the storage room in Petrescu’s. You go through it to reach Crane’s Dispensary

Lore Documents in Chapter 3

Stonebridge Cemetery – On the east of Stonebridge cemetery. Look for a spot you can teleport to. Then look for a small grassy alove with a corpse.

Docks, Enid’s House – Be on Mesmerize Level 2 to get into Enid’s House. Look through the house to find the Lore Document.

Docks, Sewer Dog Lair – Find the room where Harriet is kept. The Collectible is in this room.

Docks, Night Asylum – Between the Crates outside the Night Asylum fence.

Lore Documents in Chapter 4

West End, Ashbury Mansion – Inside Ashbury Mansion, in the painting room upstairs.

West End, Sewers – In a basket, go to the sewers from the steps in the west end and go ahead, on your left.

West End, Venus’s House – Unlock Mesmerize Level 4 and go into Venus’s House. Go up to the second floor. On a shelf next to the bed.

West End Market Square – Under the bridge, behind the grand theater. Check the dead body in the market.

West End – Search the market square north of Reid’s Mansion. You will find a restaurant with a trapped NPC named Kimura. Check the collectible in the cafe.

West End, Ascalon Club – At Ascalon club, go to the room to the right on the ground floor there’s a lore document.

West End, Ascalon Club – Get basement key on the second floor and explore the underground of Ascalon Club to find the Lore Document.

Lore Documents in Chapter 5

West End, Sewers – With the Vulkod Boss in the passage leading into Dawson Manor.

West End, Temple Church – The basement of the cathedral in temple church. Place where Dawson’s manor is. On the Usher Talltree’s table.

West End, Theatre – In the basement of the theatre, when you revisit to get Swansea.

Lore Documents in Chapter 6

Southwalk – Get to Southwark and the foundry in Chapter 6. Kill an enemy on the ground floor and search the enemy to get a key that unlocks the stairwell door. Lore Document in the second foundry building’ s the second floor.

White Chapel – Mason’s house west of Stonebridge Cemetery.

White Chapel – Start Mason’s Quest and find braille books. Reading them all and you will be able to unlock a door in the hideout east of Stonebridge Cemetery.

West End, Temple Church – Without reading the secret diary and complete Usher Talltree’s investigation. Don’t read the diary and turn it in. You will get the Lore Documents

White Chapel, Sewers – Near the east-most hideout on the map at Stonebridge Cemetery. Search the corpse near the sewers entrance.

Docks – Buy the Lore Document from NPC merchant Martin Nightingale.

Pembroke Hospital – Talking to Mortimer in the hospital will get a quest. The quest involves you to get his suicide note.

Pembroke Hospital – Find hideout near the “H” in the Hospital on the map. There’s a Lore Document in this Hideout.

That is all of Vampyr Documents Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed any documents in our comments section below! For more guides on Vampyr refer to our Wiki Guide and tips and tricks