Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid – Gate Three guide

The final part of this challenging raid.

Image via Smilegate RPG

The Vykas Legion Raid comes to a bombastic end in the final part of this new Legion Raid. Gate Three of Vykas is the most intense and mechanic-heavy fight in the game, requiring the maximum level of coordination between you and your teammates. The final gate features Vykas as she goes all out on you and your team in a desperate attempt to destroy you.

You must have completed Gate One and Gate Two before attempting to challenge this fight. Certain items are a necessity this time around. Be sure to bring Time Stop Potions, Whirlwind Grenades, and Sleep Bombs in this fight. If you are missing any of these items, you will find it nearly impossible to clear this raid.

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Sidereal Skills

Vykas has the same Sidereal Skills as the last two Legion Raids. Sidereal Skills are usable by the raid leader and summon allies who can cast powerful effects for your team. These skills are located on the top-left of your screen. Once the bar underneath your skills fills up, your raid leader can cast as Sidereal skill.

For Vykas Gate Three, Sidereal skills are not as mandatory as in the prior two raids. However, there are instances where not using a Sidereal skill will be a waste.

  • Nineveh
    • Hotkey: CTRL + Z
    • Nineveh deals a significant amount of damage when aimed at the enemy. Nineveh is very useful to use in one mechanic of this raid. However, unlike the prior two raids, she’s not a necessity.
  • Wei
    • Hotkey: CTRL + X
    • Wei deals a significant amount of Stagger Damage. The final part of the Legion Raid requires you to deal a ton of Stagger Damage to finish off Vykas, so it’s highly recommended you save Wei until the end of the fight.
  • Inanna
    • Hotkey: CTRL + C
    • Inanna will reduce the damage you take for a few seconds, and you’ll also get healed. Not recommended for this gate. We highly recommend you do not use Inanna and learn the mechanics instead.

Seduction Gauge

The Seduction Gauge is one of the main mechanics of this fight and is a huge portion of the entire raid. The Seduction Gauge is a bar that fills up and is shown above each player. This bar will fill up when you are hit by some of Vykas’ attacks and patterns. There are methods to reduce the Seduction Gauge as well.

Screenshot by Gamepur (image shows <70% Seduction Gauge)

Based on how full the bar is, you will receive different effects. When your bar is pink, or less than 70% full, you will deal less damage to Vykas. When the bar turns red or greater than 70% full, you will deal more damage but take more damage as well.

Screenshot by Gamepur (image shows >70% Seduction Gauge, notice the dark pink bars)

When the bar is completely full, you get the “Charm” debuff. This debuff puts you into a PvP mode, forcing your character to attack other allies. Your character will move automatically, and you won’t be able to control your character in this state.

When you are charmed, your allies must toss Sleep Bombs at you. The Sleep Bomb forces your character to fall asleep, stunning you for a bit. You can use any form of crowd control to save your allies, but you run a very high risk of killing your teammates instead. Therefore, we highly recommend you just use Sleep Bombs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Note: Charmed allies will not attack other Charmed players. If you do not free Charmed allies in time, they will automatically die, so it’s important that you free anyone who is Charmed ASAP.

There are three yellow orbs on the map: one North, one West, and one East. When you activate these orbs, an area-of-effect will appear at the location of the orb that lowers the Seduction Gauge of anyone standing inside it. You will need to utilize these orbs for specific mechanics, so DO NOT activate these at random.

You might think that you want to keep your Seduction Gauge as low as you can throughout the fight, but there are multiple phases where you will want to have high Seduction Gauge. Keep this in mind as you progress throughout the raid.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Throughout the fight, at random intervals, random players will be marked with a puddle beneath their feet. After a certain amount of time, the puddles will release and create a large circle on the ground. Any players within this circle will rapidly gain more Seduction Gauge.

If you notice you have a puddle beneath your feet, immediately head to the edge of the map to place it away from your team. It’s recommended that you head North whenever possible to avoid conflicting with certain mechanics.

Swamp Mechanic

This mechanic happens twice throughout the raid: once at x170 HP and another at x75 HP. Vykas will teleport to the center of the map and surround herself with a strong vortex that deals damage. Do not stand in this area. Head to the edge of the map.

A brown vortex will surround exactly two players beneath their feet. A blueish vortex will surround everyone else beneath their feet. After a few seconds, these vortexes will release, creating a field that either slows your movement speed or increases your movement speed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Soon after this happens, Vykas will force all players to move toward her. If any players reach Vykas, they will instantly die. In this mechanic, you must set both brown vortexes to create a path towards Vykas. The brown vortexes will slow down all players, ensuring that they do not reach Vykas.

Everyone else must make sure that the blue vortexes are away from the path of players. Players should set their blue vortexes close by, but not in the way of the brown vortexes. Then, they should dash into the first brown vortex to ensure that they survive this mechanic. Make sure your vortexes do not overlap.

Statues and Swords

This mechanic starts at x150 HP. Vykas will teleport to the center of the map. For this mechanic, you must have at least one player whose Seduction Gauge is greater than 70% full.

After Vykas teleports to the map, she will spawn numerous circles around the map that contain either a statue or a sword. Players whose Seduction Gauge is less than 70% HP will see statues. Players whose Seduction Gauge is greater than 70% HP will see swords.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your task in this mechanic is to head to the circle where a statue and sword overlap. Players who can see swords should ping the locations of where each sword is located. Then, the rest of the team must figure out the location of where the statue and sword overlap. (In the image above, you can see that the pings show the location of all the swords. Notice one ping overlapping with a statue.)

Typing Test

This mechanic starts at x135 HP. At the start of this mechanic, Vykas will fly off the map, and meteors will begin to rain down on all players. If any of these meteors hit players, their Seduction Gauge will increase. In this phase, head North and collect the North yellow orb. You need to ensure that most players are at a 0% Seduction Gauge.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After a while, a cutscene will begin, which starts a typing test. You must input keys in the sequence provided in about three seconds. If you are not at 0% Seduction Gauge, the test will be nearly impossible, with a shorter time to complete the test and more keys to input.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The following happens based on how many players fail the test:

  • If no one fails, you will clear the mechanic as normal.
  • If 1-3 players fail, Vykas will send out an explosion, and she’ll also gain a shield.
  • If 4+ players fail, your party will automatically die.
Screenshot by Gamepur

After the typing test ends, Vykas will start a random pattern of attacks that you must dodge. Following this, use Nineveh to deal damage, ensuring that she is at least x120 HP for the next mechanic.

Stack Up

Screenshot by Gamepur

After some time passes following the Typing Test, Vykas will mark four players with a puddle. While normally, you want to avoid stepping in these puddles, your team must stack together and ensure everyone reaches 100% Seduction Gauge. Some time will pass, and Vykas will unleash a strong attack that kills anyone who isn’t Charmed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After this attack ends, everyone’s gauge will reduce.

Stagger Check

At x102 HP, Vykas will teleport to the center of the map and summon worms around the map. As this happens, head to the East yellow orb and reduce your Seduction Gauge to 0%. After some time, a Stagger Check will begin, and your team must succeed in this check by dealing Stagger Damage. It’s highly recommended to use Whirlwind Grenades here to ensure you succeed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you clear the Stagger Check, worms will explode and deal significant damage to your team, which may kill you. To ensure you survive this explosion, use a Time Stop Potion immediately after clearing the Stagger Check.


At x55 HP, Vykas will disappear, and Tentacles will spawn around the map. Tentacles will spawn on the West, South, and North Eastern portion of the map. As this happens, red orbs will fly at you from the center of the map, deals damage, and increases your Seduction Gauge. You must destroy all tentacles before this pattern ends, or your party will die.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The trick to this mechanic is that you can only deal damage to the tentacles when your Seduction Gauge is between 70% – 99%. Additionally, during this mechanic, you will steadily lose Seduction Gauge. As a result, you must utilize the red orbs that spawn from the center of the map to make sure your Seduction Gauge is filled enough.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Be careful not to reach 100% Seduction Gauge, of course, or you will become Charmed. After a certain amount of time, a cutscene will begin where Vykas imprisons all players in a red orb. After this ends, if you succeed, you will take some damage, your Seduction Gauge will reduce, and the raid will proceed. If you failed, your party will all die.

Orb Mechanic

At x40 HP, Vykas will teleport to the center of the map and summon orbs. One North, one South, one East, and one West. Your party must collect each orb, or you will all wipe. These orbs inflict damage and significantly increase your Seduction Gauge when you collect them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Additionally, after collecting an orb, you will become stunned. You must mash the Spacebar to escape this stun.

The best way to complete this mechanic is to try and have at least four players whose Seduction Gauge is below 70%. Collecting these orbs below 70% will ensure they don’t get Charmed. Anyone above 70% Seduction Gauge will be charmed after they free themselves from the stun.


This mechanic happens randomly. In this pattern, Vykas will summon black outlines around her to warn players that Medusa is occurring. In Normal Mode, players can simply face away from her when this happens. If anyone faces her, she will deal significant damage and likely kill everyone if they do not Time Stop Potion.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Hard Mode, this mechanic becomes much harder. Vykas will raise both, one, or none of her wings twice, similar to the Shadow Clone mechanic in Gate Two.

  • If Vykas raises none of her wings: Everyone faces away.
  • If Vykas raises one of her wings: Only one player must face her. They will get petrified.
  • If Vykas raises both of her wings: Two players must face her. They will both get petrified.

If you fail the requirements above, Vykas will unleash a devastating attack. To coordinate on this mechanic, be sure to have a system in place for players to face her. (For example, you might assign Players 1 & 2 from Party 1 to face her when necessary.)

You should note that once a player is petrified, they cannot face her. Therefore, you should have at least four players ready to face her to fill in for the petrified players.

Ghost Phase

This mechanic happens randomly. Vykas will summon invisible ghosts that travel in a random path and kill anyone who walks into them. The trick is, that only players with >70% Seduction Gauge can see them.

Players should follow anyone with >70% Seduction Gauge, as they will be able to see the ghosts and lead you to safety. Alternatively, if no one is >70% Seduction Gauge, the safest method is to head to the South edge of the map as quickly as possible to avoid the Ghosts, as they typically do not travel there.

Final Stagger Check

This mechanic starts at around x1 HP. Vykas will replace her entire HP bar with Stagger Health. You must deplete this bar dealing Stagger Damage. During this entire phase, your Seduction Gauge will automatically increase.

It’s recommended you prepare for this mechanic by taking the Western yellow orb and reducing your Seduction Gauge as much as possible.

Screenshot by Gamepur

At the start of this mechanic, Vykas will summon numerous pink clones. Scout the map to find the real Vykas and move towards her. Do not face the clone in the center. Treat it the same as the Medusa pattern.

After this pattern ends, Vykas will unleash a strong attack. Hide behind the real Vykas to avoid getting wiped. You should use Wei during this to deal significant Stagger Damage. Use Whirlwind Bombs and your Stagger Damage skills.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you deplete her Stagger Health, you will complete the raid! This long, arduous raid will reward you with tons of great rewards, including a hefty sum of gold and materials to craft Relic gear.

Congratulations! After this, you will have successfully cleared Vykas. You can challenge Vykas and her three gates once every week, so be sure to master all of these mechanics to ensure you can get the rewards every week.