Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid – Gate One guide

The first phase of this mighty battle.

Image via Smilegate RPG

Vykas was finally added to Lost Ark during the June Update, and this boss brings a whole new set of challenges that you’ll have to coordinate with your team to clear. Legion Raids are a series of extremely difficult battles that require a ton of teamwork between you and up to seven other players. Vykas is a three-part boss that’s intimidating, powerful, and can take many tries.

You need to learn all of Vykas’ mechanics to clear and gain the rewards at the end of the fight. Vykas has two difficulty modes: Normal Mode and Hard Mode. There aren’t any special mechanics that Hard Mode has over Normal Mode, so consult this guide for both.

Vykas is made up of three “gates” or checkpoints and features three different boss fights. After a small series of mob battles, you’ll come face to face with the first boss. For items, we highly recommend bringing Time Stop Potions and Whirlwind Grenades.

Sidereal Skills

As with Valtan, Vykas features Sidereal skills. Sidereal skills are usable by the raid leader and summon allies who cast powerful effects for your team. Sidereal skills are located on the top-left of your screen. Once the bar underneath the skills fills up, your raid leader will be able to cast a Sidereal skill.

  • Nineveh
    • Hotkey: CTRL + Z
    • Nineveh deals a significant amount of damage when aimed at the enemy. Nineveh is important to use this raid in order to meet the DPS check.
  • Wei
    • Hotkey: CTRL + X
    • Wei deals a significant amount of Stagger Damage. If you have trouble meeting the Stagger Check in this boss, use Wei.
  • Inanna
    • Hotkey: CTRL + C
    • Inanna will reduce the damage you take for a few seconds, and you’ll also get healed. Not recommended for this gate.

Boss Split

At around x50 – x55 HP, the boss will split into two. Your party will be divided and have to fight two different versions of the same boss: a Blue Version or a Purple Version. The teams will be divided based on your party. and each party will fight a random boss. Each boss will be fought on a different map, so in all phases of this fight, you will be fighting alongside only three other players.

After both bosses reach x30 HP, your two parties will then swap positions. If Party 1 was fighting the Blue Version, then at x30 HP, Party 1 will swap and fight the Purple Version and vice versa.

Colored Orbs

This phase is only for the BLUE PARTY. At around x50 HP (if you reach this threshold before the boss splits, this phase for the Blue Party will begin immediately), the boss will teleport to the center of the map and create a safe spot around him. After an AoE explosion, four circles will spawn outside of the safe spot like so:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Colored orbs will spawn from these locations. These Colored Orbs always start with the color red. The orbs will then change color, from Red => Blue => Green => White => Black and then back to red. Walk up to each orb (but don’t touch it, or it will disappear). The orb will begin following you.

Move outwards to the corners of the map, and you will see a colored gate. Your task is to take the orb and lead it to the gate, matching the orb color with the gate color. For example, if your gate color is Blue, you must take an orb and lead it to the gate when the orb color is also Blue. See the example below:

Screenshot by Gamepur

If the orb goes into the gate, but is the wrong color, the gate will explode and you will take significant damage. In Hard Mode, if two or more people fail this mechanic, then your party will wipe.

Stagger Check & Memory Game

At x35 HP, the boss teleports to the center of the map. You have to use Stagger Damage to interrupt him and proceed to the next phase of this mechanic.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Following this, every player will get either a blue orb or a black orb around their head. Blue orb players should either move to the top left or bottom right of the map, and black orb players should move to the top right or bottom left of the map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Following this, a memory game will occur. Eight circles will form a square around the boss. Each circle will light up either blue or black five times. Your job is to memorize these patterns, which will create a path for you to follow. Orbs will spawn out of these circles in the order of the circle’s colors. Collect all of the orbs to clear this mechanic.

When this mechanic is cleared, a large attack indicator will appear that reveals either an inner safe spot or an outer safe spot. This attack actually does not damage the Blue Version team. The Blue Version team must relay this information to the Purple Version team, as this will indicate the safe spot for one of their attacks.

Four Safe Spots

At x25 HP, four circles will spawn around the boss in North, East, West, and South positions for each boss. The party fighting the Blue Version will be able to see a white circle at one of these four positions. The Blue Version party must then relay this information to the Purple Version party. Whichever circle lights up white is the safe spot, and the Purple Version must head to that circle.

Purple Version

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Purple Version does not have any unique mechanics, aside from one. The Purple Version’s attacks have different safe spots compared to the Blue Version. Attack indicators that are purple are considered safe. Stepping outside of purple attack indicators will damage you. This does not include circle attacks.

The Purple Version deals more damage than the Blue Version and has significantly more HP. As a result, it’s recommended to use Nineveh off cooldown to make sure both parties are dealing damage to these bosses at a similar pace.


This mechanic occurs at random and can happen in both the Blue Version and Purple Version. The boss will teleport to the middle of the map and create a safe spot for you to stand in. Following this, four orbs will spawn from the boss going outwards, moving diagonally.

Lead the orb outwards from the boss and then consume the orb. Following this, a whirlpool will appear, going either clockwise or counterclockwise. A Pizza mechanic will begin, moving in the direction of the Whirlpool. Similar to the Velganos boss, follow this Pizza mechanic in the direction of the Whirlpool.

Those are all of the major mechanics of the Vykas Gate One fight. Mastering these mechanics take practice, so keep trying until you can proceed until the Vykas Gate Two fight.