Lost Ark won’t download – Why can’t I play Lost Ark?

Launch issues.

Image via Smilegate RPG

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Lost Ark has become available to play for everyone after a couple of days of advanced access for supporters. The bad news is that many players are struggling to get the game to download.

Players attempting to download the game will find that it just won’t happen, and Steam will get stuck on Download Queued, then failed to download, then go back to Download Queed again. This is frustrating, and at the moment appears to be down to connection errors to Steam itself. These seem to be similar to the issues that affected the early access launch of the game three days ago.

The bad news is that even if you try to uninstall and reinstall the game, it still will not work, and you will just get told that the connection has timed out again. This appears to be quite the launch issue, with no clear fix at the moment.

For now, we would suggest sitting tight and waiting on a solution. While we had to uninstall our game just to check to see if that would solve it, you definitely shouldn’t as you will simply need to reinstall it again which will take a lot of time. For now, sit tight and keep an eye on the Lost Ark Twitter account for updates.