LRG3 roundup – Every announcement from the Limited Run Games 2022 showcase

Let’s get physical.

Image via WayForward

Limited Run Games, proprietor of small batch physical releases of indie and retro games, held its third annual showcase to show off what games it has coming in 2022 and beyond. This is the event the company holds around the time E3 would usually be to get in on the anticipation around big game announcements, though it primarily relates to games that are already out. This guide is a roundup of every announcement from LRG3, so you know which releases to watch.

Remember that many of these games may already be available in a standard format physically or digitally. Limited Run Games produces limited runs of special physical editions designed to be collector items. Each one is numbered and carries a certain rarity and value with it. That’s why you may recognize some of the games on this list as having already been released.

River City Girls 2

Image via Limited Run Games

The first announcement may have been the biggest of the event. Limited Run Games will be producing a physical edition of River City Girls 2 for Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and Xbox, though there’s no release date at this time.


UnderMine is an action RPG adventure packed with bosses, crafting, and even a roguelike mode. The game is getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch and PS4 soon.

Powerslave Exhumed

Powerslave Exhumed is an old-school first person shooter set in ancient Egypt that’s available in a physical format for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS4 right now.

Bladerunner: Enhanced Edition

Image via Limited Run Games

Another phenomenal announcement from the show was Bladerunner: Enhanced Edition. This physical edition is coming to Switch and PS4/5 on June 24 in both a standard and ultimate edition, with the latter containing many collectible items.


Set in a world where spiders and dinosaurs have been genetically combined for the betterment of mankind, Spidersaurs sees players battle it out against hordes of enemies in a 2D platformer with shooter layered on top. The physical release comes to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS4/5 soon.


A classic 2D pixel platformer with ’80s and ’90s vibes heading to PS4/5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch soon.

Shadowrun Trilogy

A trio of cult classic RPG games that combine fantasy and cyberpunk tropes beautifully, the Shadowrun Trilogy launch is getting a physical edition on PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch soon.

GoGo Kokopolo and GoGo Kokopolo 3D

Image via Limited Run Games

The launch of the physical editions of GoGo Kokopolo and its sequel, Gogo Kokopolo 3D for Nintendo 3DS may be the last the platform will ever receive. Each game contains new content never seen before by fans, and will also be available in a double pack with a soundtrack.


Another 3D platformer in which players slash their way through the underworld that’s coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 as a physical edition soon.

Doom 64

Many people got their hands on Doom 64 when it was free around the release date of Doom Eternal. However, now Limited Run Games gives you the chance to own a physical copy for Xbox in the near future.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent collection

Two Bill & Ted games for the price of one. This physical release, containing classic 8-bit adventures in which the duo travel through video game eras, is coming soon to PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch.

Rendering Ranger R2

This game is coming to the US for the first time ever, and it’s getting a physical edition. It’s a cult classic SHMUP and will be released for PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, and SNES.

A Boy and His Blob: Retro Collection

Two A Boy and His Blob games are coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS4/5 in this classic collection. Players must alter the shape of their friend to solve puzzles whilst not feeling too bad about what they’re doing to him.

Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection

This release contains 8 classic arcade masterpieces including Thunder cross, Lifeforce, Typhoon, and Haunted Castle. Coming soon to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: Sith Lords

The company confirmed that it will be producing a physical edition of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: Sith Lords for Nintendo Switch and PC later this summer.

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Image via Limited Run Games

The original release of Shantae is coming to PS4/5 as a physical edition, with preorders open from August 26. Players can swap between Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance visuals depending on how they want to play.

Garden Story

The charming Gaden Story will be getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch soon. No doubt it will include a lot of charming artwork, as the game does.

DoDonPachi Resurrection

A remastered version of DoDonPachi comes to Nintendo Switch later this year with an exclusive physical edition.

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Definitive Edition

An FMV adventure not many people will remember, Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Definitive Edition brings back the adult-oriented dating sim for Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, and Xbox soon.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

This announcement served as a reminder that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is getting a physical release with an artbook, steelbook, and exclusive Shredder figurine on PS4 and Xbox.

Blossom Tales 2

A game that takes heavy inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series, Blossom Tales 2 is getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch soon and is one to keep an eye out for if you’re a fan of the classic titles that inspired it.

Enclave HD

An RPG with multiple classes and colossal environments to explore, Enclave HD is coming to PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch soon.

American Hero

Image via Limited Run Games

Another FMV adventure but this time starring some well known actors. Preorders open for American Hero on June 3 for PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch.

Prize Fighter: Remastered

Relive those boxing glory days in Prize Fighter: Remastered. This physical edition is coming to PS4/5 soon.

BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad

A frantic arcade extravaganza, BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad is coming to PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch with a standard and collectors edition that even includes a copy of the OST. Preorders open on June 7.

Night Trap

Image via Limited Run Games

Night Trap is finally being released for PS5, and the collector’s edition, which is highly sought-after among physical edition collectors, will be coming soon.


A point-and-click murder mystery horror game, D is bringing classic PC gaming back to PC and 3DO in the near future.

ESPGaluda II

A classic cave shooter with epic bosses and some brand new features that SHMUP fans will be relieved to see, ESPGaluda II is coming to Nintendo Switch soon.


The second N64 re-release of the event. Glover is a 3D platformer similar to Super Mario 64 visually that’s coming out for the second time later this year.


A tile-based 3D platformer that’s formed a cult following, this classic is launching soon for PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Image via Limited Run Games

A game that’s brought together many fans of Tetris and music, Tetris Effect: Connected gets a physical release for PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch soon.

Doom Eternal

The final announcement of the event was a physical release for Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch. This physical edition will likely be something quite special given the pedigree of the brand behind it.

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