Where to find all Floor One: Grand Lobby Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3


Another floor, another set of Gems to find in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

This time, there are six gems to locate in the small area of the Grand Lobby, the place where you start the game for the first time. It’s hard to imagine that there are six Gems in this tiny area, but Nintendo has done an excellent job in hiding them in some places you wouldn’t think of.

With that in mind, here is precisely where to find the Grand Lobby Gems on 1F:

Where to find all Grand Lobby Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3

  • White Gem: To the very right of the Grand Lobby, there is a chair missing, use Black Light to make it appear, and a Gem Ghost will appear. Beat the Ghost to unlock the Gem.
  • Red Gem: In a Painting just right of the stairs. Use your Suction Cup attack on a gear below it to release it.
  • Blue Gem: Head up the stairs of the grand lobby and turn left. There is a long narrow area with a carpet. Vacuum up the Carpet until a Drain appear. Use Gooigi to drop down to it and head towards the gem and use the ZR ZL Slam ability to make the Gem drop, then collect it.
  • Green Gem: In a Plant Pot to the right of the area. Use Suction Cup to slam it open.
  • Purple Gem: In the reception area, press ZL and ZR to make Luigi open the Barrier and Flashlight the button on the right.
  • Yellow Gem: In the center of the Grand Lobby are two pressure plates. Have Luigi and Gooigi stand on each one to lower the Chandeleure then Vacuum it to make it a spin. The Gem will suddenly drop.