Mad Max: Where to find the Minefields and Convoys location guide

Making your search for minefield and convoys easier.

The vast open-world of Mad Max has tons of side activities and threats, so players need to be well aware of their surroundings while exploring in the game. Each territory in the game has a threat level, which indicates how difficult that particular area is for the players. There are numerous ways to lower the threat level of the territories, including eliminating minefields and convoys.

How to disarm minefields

As the name implies, minefields are basically areas where mines are placed, and if you walk into them unknowingly, it will explode, causing Max to die instantly. To make sure that you don’t run into a minefield accidentally and to lower the threat level of a territory, you can disarm minefields.

Finding minefields in the game is quite tricky, and while we have the locations of all minefields mentioned below, it is worth knowing how you can find minefields. In order to find them, you need to be using the Chum’s Buggy, and once you are near a minefield, Dinki-Di the dog will start barking. Simply drive the car towards the direction in which the dog is barking and the minefield location will be revealed.

Keep driving slowly in the same direction until the dog starts howling. Once that happens, it means that the minefield is nearby. You will find the minefield on the ground, and you just need to go close to it and press the interact button to disable it.

How to eliminate convoys

Another activity that you can do to reduce threat levels is to eliminate convoys. Convoys are basically groups of enemy vehicles that are patrolling at a set route. Each convoy has a leader’s truck, and if you eliminate the leader, the whole convoy is eliminated. While going for the leader directly is tricky, it is still possible in the initial areas.

Leaders’ trucks can be destroyed in a variety of ways, including shooting the fuel tank. However, if you wish to take a more tactical approach, it is advisable to clear out the rest of the enemies first before going for the leader’s truck. An upgrade that deals damage to nearby enemy vehicles is quite useful as well, but you can just stop the whole convoy by shooting the tires of enemy vehicles. Whether you want to go for the leader directly or take the tactical approach, the choice is yours to make.

Convoy and minefield locations

If you don’t want to spend time finding the convoys and minefields, we have got you covered. Here are all the territory map pictures, which depict the convoy and minefield locations, along with other places of interest. Minefields are marked with the red explosive symbol, while the red dotted lines depict the convoy routes.

Chumbucket’s Territory

Jeet’s Territory

Balefire Flatland



Dry Gustie

Fuel Veins

Gutgash’s Territory



Grit Canyons

Parch Moon

Reek Hills

Pink Eye’s Territory


Knit Sack


The Heights

Wailing Wing

Deep Friah’s Territory and The Dunes

The Dump

The Dunes

Images via Steam Community