Madden 22: How Strategy Items and chemistry works in MUT

Chemistries are changing in MUT.

Image via EA Sports

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) will be undergoing some changes for Madden 22, and one of those changes is the addition of Strategy Items. Traditionally, Madden 22 users needed to add chemistries to each individual player in order to boost the team’s overall chemistry, and in turn, the team’s overall attributes. Things will be a little different this year, and here’s how Strategy Items will affect your experience this year.

The Madden development team stated in an August Gridiron Notes article that the addition of Strategy Items will streamline the process of adding and changing chemistries.

Each MUT team will have a series of Strategy slots, and players will be able to add, as you’d expect, Strategy items. The Madden devs have stated that users will be able to acquire these cards in the same manner as player items (packs, Auction House, etc.).

Image via EA Sports

Much like with certain players, you’ll be able to Power Up these cards to add better or more boosts to the item. Madden 22 will feature core Strategy items, as well as rarer ones that will have more boosts. And keep in mind that some of these items will boost the attributes of a particular player, or ratings for an entire group of players.

To equip a Strategy item for your team, go to the Lineup screen. Then, go to the new Strategy tab, and slot in an item to an empty space.

We do want to make a note on chemistry, as well. Strategy items and chemistry goes hand in hand this year, and you can see which ones are active at your lineup screen. On top of strategy items, team boosts are also back. If you have multiple players in your lineup that are from the same team in the NFL, you can receive a stat boost from that.