Madden 23 MUT Season 2: Field Pass – All tiers, how to get 94 OVR Deion Sanders, XP, and more

Back for Season 2.

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The first Season 1 Field Pass of Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 23 officially expired on October 13. In its place came Season 2, and a fresh batch of rewards. For this Season, the two marquee rewards are a 92 OVR player item of Bills star Josh Allen, and a 94 OVR card of “Primetime” Deion Sanders. So, how can you get Deion and the other rewards for this season? Let’s take a look.

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MUT Field Pass: Season 2 — Madden NFL 23

Leveling up in MUT, much like with competitive Seasons in Madden 22, will be the key this year. Madden players can rank up in various ways, including completing new Daily Objectives and stat-based cumulative objectives, and program-specific ones that center around other Field Passes.

Much like with Season 1, there are 61 levels this season. So, let’s take a look at the rewards for completing each one:

LevelRewardXP Needed
2Coach John Madden item10.000
310,000 Coins20,000
4Strategy Item (All Offense & Defense/+1 Kick Return/+1 Stamina/+1 Break Tackle)30,000
570+ OVR Gold Player Pack40,000
6Gameday Pack50,000
710,000 Coins60,000
815 Gold+ Players Bundle72,000
9Elite Pack84,000
1010,000 Coins96,000
1186 OVR Mike Edwards108,000
12Strategy Item (CB/+1 Zone Coverage/+1 Man Coverage/+1 Play Recognition)120,000
13Black Knights Away Jersey134,000
1410,000 Coins148,000
15Elite Pack162,000
16Rare Team Affinity Strategy Fantasy Pack176,000
17Gameday Pack190,000
18Rams 1970s Classic Away Uniform206,000
1910,000 Coins222,000
20Pro Gameday Pack238,000
2188 OVR Dalvin Cook254,000
22River Hogs Home Uniform270,000
2310,000 Coins288,000
24Strategy Item (CB/+1 Catching/+1 Zone Coverage/+1 Stamina)306,000
25Falcons 1990s Classic Home Uniform324,000
26Gameday Pack342,000
2710,000 Coins360,000
28Snowhawks Away Jersey380,000
29Elite Pack400,000
3010,000 Coins420,000
3190 OVR Bobby Wagner440,000
32Strategy Item (CB & WR/+1 Catching/+1 Short Route Run/+1 Awareness)460,000
3310,000 Coins482,000
34Jets 1960s Classic Home Uniform504,000
35Gameday Pack526,000
36Pro Gameday Pack548,000
37Bisons Home Uniform572,000
3810,000 Coins596,000
39Gameday Pack620,000
40Elite Pack640,000
4192 OVR Josh Allen670,000
42Jaguars 2010s Classic Away Alt Uniform696,000
43Strategy Item (DB/+2 Zone Coverage/+2 Man Coverage/+1 Press)722,000
4410,000 Coins748,000
45Pro Gameday Pack776,000
46Pro Elite Pack804,000
47Mounties Away Uniform832,000
4810,000 Coins860,000
49Pro Gameday Pack890,000
50Patriots 1990’s Classic Alternate Uniform920,000
5194 OVR Deion Sanders950,000
5210,000 Coins980,000
5382+ OVR Elite Fantasy Pack [1 of 3]1,020,000
5410,000 Coins1,060,000
5579+ OVR Gold Fantasy Pack [4 of 7]1,100,000
5610,000 Coins1,140,000
57Season 3 XP Collectible1,180,000
5810,000 Coins1,220,000
59Pro Gameday Pack1,260,000
6010,000 Coins1,300,000
61Pro Elite Pack1,340,000

Along the way, users will be able to obtain many star players, with the prime prize being a 94 OVR version of legendary Falcons cornerback Deion Sanders. Here’s a look at the 94 OVR Sanders’ stats:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Let’s take a look at stats-based objectives for Season 2:

  • Score 50 TDs in any mode (500 XP)
  • Score 100 TDs in any mode (1,500 XP)
  • Score 250 TDs in any mode (3,000 XP)
  • Score 400 TDs in any mode (5,000 XP)
  • Score 150 Points in any mode (500 XP)
  • Score 500 Points in any mode (1,500 XP)
  • Score 1,500 Points in any mode (3,000 XP)
  • Score 3,000 Points in any mode (5,000 XP)
  • Pass for 1,500 Yards in any mode (500 XP)
  • Pass for 3,500 Yards in any mode (1,500 XP)
  • Pass for 7,500 Yards in any mode (3,000 XP)
  • Pass for 10,000 Yards in any mode (5,000 XP)
  • Rush for 500 Yards in any mode (500 XP)
  • Rush for 750 Yards in any mode (1,500 XP)
  • Rush for 2,000 Yards in any mode (3,000 XP)
  • Rush for 4,000 yards in any mode (5,000 XP)
  • Record 250 team tackles in any mode (500 XP)
  • Record 500 team tackles in any mode (1,500 XP)
  • Record 1,500 team tackles in any mode (3,000 XP)
  • Record 3,500 team tackles in any mode (5,000 XP)

There are also Daily Tracker objectives that reward XP for completing Daily Objectives for two, five, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 days. Players can also get XP for progressing toward the Headliners and Competitive Field Pass programs.

Season 2 is slated to expire on December 8.