Madden 23 title update brings back Prime Time, fixes online Franchise Mode

This is Madden 23’s largest update yet.

Image via Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts shared a new Gridiron Notes to reveal a new Title Update for Madden 23. The update is the largest upgrade for the game since its launch and aims to bring key changes to things like Franchise Mode, as well as giving MUT players access to a brand new Field Pass.

Madden 23’s Season 2 Field Past is part of the Title Update and is called Prime Time. Season 2 adds Deion Sanders’ All-Madden Team, Matthew Berry joins the Term Of The Week, new rewards and swag are available to customize your avatar and team, and we officially have the return of Most Feared. Most Feared is a Halloween-themed drop where several players get the “Most Feared” label, referring to how imposing and frightening they are on the gridiron.

The title update also incorporates bug fixes for blocking, catching, ball-carrying, and tackling. The fixes for blocking include patching an issue where pass block targeting would sometimes leave rushers unblocked, and the update also improves the Block and Release logic for tight ends. The Title Update fixes for catching include fixing several animation bugs that prevent players from catching balls or receiving balls they shouldn’t. The update patches out several bugs that allow ball carriers to juke in incorrect directions and a glitch where carriers remain engaged during Stand Up Tackles. The upgrade also changes the Stand Up Tackle indicators and fixes the Juke-Hurdle combo animations.

The latest update also incorporates several Franchise Updates for Madden 23, including fixing several bugs and glitches. Major Franchise updates include fixing disconnections caused by a high volume of users, patching a problem where CPU teams end negotiations with players if they donโ€™t have the cap space, fixing an issue where CPU teams werenโ€™t targeting players during re-sign, and patching a glitch where using a skill point on Playmaker was not increasing the correct attributes. Updates for Face of the Franchise include patching a bug that prevented calf morphing from updating in the character creator, fixing a glitch that caused Avatar Level and OVR rating UI containers to overlap, and adding a pip indicator in the Upgrade Player menu.

The Title Update includes new face scans for several players, uniform updates, helmet fixes, new cleats for certain players, stadium updates, and updates for the presentation and UI. General MUT fixes include patching a bug that caused the game to crash on the Field Pass Reward screen, improving the Field Pass XP total and level display, and fixing an issue that caused the “Roar of the Crowd” Dynamic Gameday modifier to force a route to go backward.