Madden 24: Ultimate Team – Season 1 Reward List

Dive into the first Season of Madden Ultimate Team and earn an 89 OVR Jalen Ramsey.

image Via EA

Madden 23 introduced the Field Pass reward concept, which is back in a big way in Madden 24. Madden 24 is committed to seven separate seasons throughout the year. Seasons have a ton of rewards. So let’s break down the reward list and explain how to get an 89 OVR Jalen Ramsey.

How do you earn more Season XP in Madden 24?

You might notice in the table below that the XP numbers seem highly inflated. Thankfully, the reward XP has been updated as well. For example, if you manage to complete all three daily objectives for 30 days, you can earn 210,000 XP. You earn 15,000 your first two days, then 20,000 at five days, and more chunks of XP every five days after. Every reward in Madden 24 will follow this similar cadence. You get XP at specific stat milestones, and they all have specific checkpoints.

There are five specific stat categories that count for XP in season 1.

  • Score 700 touchdowns
  • Score 5,000 points
  • Pass for 20,000 yards
  • Rush for 7,000 yards
  • Get 6,000 team tackles

Each of these objectives rewards 10,000 XP. Meaning if you do all these things you get 50,000 XP.

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Season 1 Next Era rewards list

270+ OVR Gold Player10,000
310,000 Coins20,000
483 OVR BND D’Andre Swift32,000
570+ OVR Gold Player44,000
6Max Fantasy Pack56,000
710,000 Coins68,000
884 OVR BND Bryce Young80,000
9Pro Max Fantasy Pack92,000
10Max Fantasy Pack106,000
11Playmaker Pack120,000
1210,000 Coins134,000
13North S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack148,000
14Max Fantasy Pack162,000
15Jalen Ramsey Token178,000
1610,000 Coins194,000
17Playmaker Pack210,000
18East S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack226,000
1910,000 Coins242,000
20Headliners Pack260,000
2185 OVR BND Reggie White278,000
2210,000 Coins296,000
23Pro Playmaker Pack314,000
24South S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack332,000
2510,000 Coins350,000
26Bryce Young Token370,000
27Max Fantasy Pack390,000
2810,000 Coins410,000
29Star Elite Pack430,000
30Jalen Ramsey Token450,000
31Playmaker Pack472,000
32West S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack494,000
3310,000 Coins516,000
3486 OVR BND DeAndre Hopkins538,000
35Max Fantasy Pack562,000
36Star Elite Pack586,000
37Wembley Stadium610,000
3810,000 Coins634,000
39Max Fantasy Pack660,000
40Playmaker Pack686,000
41Jalen Ramsey Token712,000
4210,000 Coins738,000
43Pro Max Fantasy Pack766,000
44Max Fantasy Pack794,000
45Star Elite Pack822,000
4610,000 Coins850,000
47All S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack880,000
4810,000 Coins910,000
49Star Elite Pack940,000
50Reggie White Token970,000
51Pro Playmaker Pack1,000,000
5210,000 Coins1,050,000
53Max Fantasy Pack1,100,000
5410,000 Coins1,150,000
55Jalen Ramsey Token1,200,000
5610,000 Coins1,250,000
57Season 2 XP Collectible1,300,000
5810,000 Coins1,350,000
59Star Elite Pack1,400,000
6010,000 Coins1,450,000
61Triumph Elite Pack1,500,000

How To Get More Season XP in Madden 24

The other programs in Madden 24 will feed back into the main program. For example, the Headliners Program rewards 170,000 XP. The Competitive pass will also reward 270,000 XP. Making sure to stay on top of weekly objectives in the competitive pass is key to maximizing your season rewards.