Mario Kart Tour – How to Collect a total of 100 coins using a baby driver


To keep the mobile game alive, Mario Kart Tour has challenges the player can complete to earn either coins or rubies. Some are easy; some are time-consuming. Then some challenges require specific needs, such as this one.

Mario Kart Tour – Collect a total of 100 coins using a baby driver

Mario Kart Tour

As stated, the challenge of collecting 100 coins using a baby driver is simple enough. How to do it exactly requires RNG or saving up coins at the shop. It might not sound like a good use of coins, but for a challenge, it will help with getting more rubies. Characters that will help with the challenge are the following:

Baby Mario

Baby Peach

Baby Daisy

Now to collect the 100 coins, it seems daunting to think that you need to gain 100 coins in a single match, but that is not true. For example, you can pick 3DS Daisy Hills T with Baby Daisy as your character and play as you usually do. However many coins you get will stack up until you get to 100 coins total.

Other courses you can do are:

Cheep Cheep Lagoon, Daisy Hills R with Baby Peach

Mario Circuit 1 T with Baby Mario

These courses will give you three items per Item Box, meaning a better chance of getting more coins. If you happen to get three coins from an Item Box, then you can go into a frenzy and tap as many times as you can to earn more coins and land yourself in the first place.

This is not likely to happen, but it is possible and will unlock the challenge faster. Bonus coins you get depending on your score will not count, so even if you get more coins, it won’t be added to the challenge progression.

Even if you aren’t lucky with getting a ton of coins, the challenge is still possible but will take a bit longer. Do it in your own time before the challenge expires, and you will eventually be rewarded!